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Has anyone been experiencing problems in getting parcels through? 3 of mine (ordered in November) seem to have gone missing / delayed. I know Christmas is always a busy time but seems a lot worse then normal even with covid. 

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it's a combination of staff sickness, covid-19 and a huge increase in online orders/deliveries

I'm still waiting on a parcel 3 weeks after sending. Also, many letters we do receive that are sent recorded arrive open! Has anyone taken RM to task over this?

The roads around Hornsey Park are receiving very little post and on random days and when it does come seems to be limited to simple letter post that suits automated sorting. I know many people who are missing deliveries for things ordered over the last four or five weeks - so not the white envelope stuff we get occasionally. My son is missing five things all posted first class weeks ago plus a TfL card sent three weeks ago. RM are being disingenuous and dishonest. It seems they are not bothering to sort a large part of the post and just doing a token amount of the easy stuff. It's a disgrace and going to spoil a lot of people's Christmas.

We had the first significant delivery of post today after some time (apart from one thing that came on Monday.) I know from some of the senders that these have taken about 2 weeks from Coventry. Nice to get my Xmas cards at last. Maybe things will pick up now? I live in hope. 

Just shows that online shopping isn't the dream it's meant to be. It's still got to be delivered, by Royal Mail or some person with a van, causing more traffic congestion and pollution. 

But do hope people get their Christmas cards and deliveries soon-ish. 

I’ve now started to get great wodges of post, a lot of it rather old.  No parcels yet though

I now haven't had any post at all since last week. Hoping they're gearing up for a final catch up blast on Christmas Eve so I can get presents and medicines that have been sat in North London Delivery Centre for the past 3-4 weeks...

Still no parcel deliveries in the north of the ladder (orders placed early December)

I fear that items ordered or posted earlier in the month are now at the back of the queue. I got a small package today from a friend that was ordered only a few days ago. Yet some books I was waited for took 10 days. It's all out of kilter. 

Yes, the only things we've received are very recently posted items that are sent on 24 or 48-hour services. Older post is just buried. There's still stuff from the first lockdown we never received. Imagine they just have a big old fire out the back. 

23 December

Me expecting 3 Royal Mail parcels - number received zero

Friend over at Turnpike Lane (different delivery office) expecting 2 Royal Mail parcels - number received 2

It seems to be a more widespread issue than just the Ladder. A lot of folk in Crouch End are complaining of delays weeks-long.



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