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Why has the Council moved the process of applying and using parking permits and vouchers to an online process?  Do people know that you can no longer purchase paper vouchers but have to apply for parking permits and visitors vouchers online? 

I wonder if anyone else has found the process of applying online for resident parking visitors vouchers frustrating?

The moves across the board to online only access to Council services is exclusive.  What is happening to the many older people and others who struggle with online applications? 

I have managed with some difficulty to purchase vouchers so I can have people visit me but find that I have to register their use online including details of car registrations etc.  I am pretty skilled in issues of IT but am aware that many residents either are not, or have no internet facilities at home. 

And what does this mean for those spontaneous drop ins of friends and family that are so vital for residents who are restricted to their homes through disability or illhealth?

For a Council which calls itself inclusive, I wonder who cooked up these plans?

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Earlier this year you could still apply for paper. I however can't see it on their site at all now. Parking is a huge issue, as a landlord with a property in the area, I am finding it ever increasingly difficult to make allowances for repairs and inspections, as they aren't available to me at all. I don't think anyone applies any common sense or lives in the real world these days. The process is also tricky as I understand if one was to order online, you have to purchase 1 day and 1 hour in 2 separate transactions. 

Haringey Council cannot organise a pee up in a brewery.  They are absolutely useless at anything other than getting money off the public. Then they're dab hands. 

You can still get paper parking permits but you have to make an appointment at Wood Green or Tottenham to get them. It's all about making it easier for the wardens to do their job not for the ease of the residents. They operate on a Vehicle Recognition database so they can point their phones (whatever) at the vehicle and have it confirmed. Makes their bureaucracy easier not the residents' lives. This is how algortithms and automation creeps up on you. 

It is indeed not very inclusive and makes it harder for anyone not online or with a smart phone. 

No mention whatsoever of paper tickets / appointments on Haringey's visitor parking page.
I have an elderly neighbour who needs them. Does anyone know how she make an appointment to get them?

Hi there;  You can just go in and get buy paper parking permits.  You don't have to make an appointment anymore.  They may try to hoodwink you by saying you have to buy them online but insist.  If you have a problem get back to me.  James Cowling 

That's great news. Thanks a lot. I'll have a go next week. Much appreciated! // Guy

That's good news but the person I spoke to on Twitter was adamant that you needed to make an appointment - why are they deliberately giving out misinformation like this or are they just badly briefed or not on top of their job or worse still it's a deliberate policy just to put people off?

Ultimately Haringey, especially the east of the borough, is poorly served by the very, very low quality of its political representation. There are a few bright sparks. But if people want it to change they need to implicate themselves in the local political choices. Doesn’t mean you need to be party political though. That’s life.

The system is absolutely shocking

i would love to be able to get some paper copies, can anyone tell me where in woodgreen I need to go, thanks

Countless residents, including myself, prefer paper tickets.

Thanks to the contributions here, I went to Wood Green Library today. The tickets come in books of 10 (hourly or daily ones), and you can order a maximum of 5 booklets.

I did not make an appointment, so had to wait approx 30 minutes to be seen. There are two forms to choose from - one for first-timers and another for residents who have applied before (who already have an Applicant ID / reference number). 

I was told the tickets will be posted to me by special delivery (which you don't have to pay for). However, I later got the cryptic email below, which seems to contradict the offline experience and advice...I am still hopeful that the paper permits will turn up, eventually!

Good luck Tigha!:)

Dear Sir / Madam,

We confirm that your application has been approved.

Your Resident Qualification is now ‘Active’. You can buy and activate resident visitor voucher permits in your online permit account:

Thank you so much for posting this response. I'm now glad I posted my note last week. Hopefully your message will encourage people that they can still get paper permits and let neighbours and friends know. 

It’s part if a very distressing trend to put everything possible online and prevent residents ever having any personal contact with any council employee — if people can never get in contact, then no action needs to be taken. Sadly, this isn’t limited to Haringey — vast amounts of government documents and services are only accessible online, so applying for, say, pension credit or council tax rebates has become harder and harder for many vulnerable people who need the services most. Local government funding has been so slashed over the last 12 years of Tory rule that the last remaining way to make “efficiency savings” is to have fewer and fewer staff; maybe more efficient for accountants, but worse and worse public service. Barnet council has finally changed complection and is bringing back in services outsourced to Crapita (practically everything they’re responsible for), but it’s noticeable that two recent council bankruptcies were Tory-controlled administrations, suggesting even they can’t squeeze the pips any tighter.

Unfortunately, Haringey has bought an off-the-peg parking system from a firm called Taranto; it’s grossly inefficient, clumsy, user-hostile and makes you carry out the same task repeatedly to achieve the same result (eg the inability to buy hourly and daily passes together, stupidly low limits on the number of permits per transaction because the system can’t cope) — and it doesn’t link in with any other Haringey databases, meaning residents need two or even three different logins and passwords to do things that could otherwise all be done together.



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