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I understand that parking enforcement is suspended at the moment but, for when it returns, I'm trying to find an answer for something that doesn't seem to be on the website (or at least what I can find doesn't seem right).

I don't drive much so I share a small car with my mother-in-law, obviously a much more environmentally friendly option than a car each. She is the registered owner but we are both insured on it.

I can't work out how to get a resident's parking permit for this though. The website makes reference to the vehicle log book being in my name which isn't the case here.

The only option seems to be vistor's permits which would be about £1,200 per year more expensive. I'd probably be cheaper buying another car and getting a resident's permit rather than taking that route but obviously that isn't a good option.

Am I missing something here?

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Pretty sure a car must be insured at the address it's kept at, otherwise you'd be committing fraud.

and insured in the name of the main user....

But the physical address where the car is kept is not necessarily the address of the registered keeper of the vehicle.  Insurance companies want to know where the car is kept, on road, off road etc but they are not interested in the address of the registered keeper as shown on the DVLA documentation.  The registered keeper is the status and address of the person to whom legal notices such as parking fines, speeding tickets etc must be sent.  I could have a car as registered keeper but park it 50 miles away.  The insurance company may be interested in where it is parked they are not interested in where the registered keeper of the vehicle is located other tan identifying that person.  You all seem to be making this overcomplicated...



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