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Report on London's first Low Emission Bus Zones - How will Harringay Fare?

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From August this year, the Harringay section of Green Lanes has been part of the High Road-Green Lanes Low Emission Bus Zone (LEBZ) in Haringey. It is one of the second wave of LEBZs. 

A recent report gave early results on the impact of the first wave of LEBZs. It shows that zones have led to significant reductions in pollution levels. The Low Emission Bus Zones at Putney High Street and Brixton seem to have had a significant impact. Putney High Street exceeded legal limits for just two hours so far in 2018 compared to 807 over the same period in 2016, a reduction of over 99 per cent. At Brixton Road there has been an 85 per cent reduction in the hours exceeding legal limits since 2016.

Let's hope that Harringay reaps the same benefits.

Full report attached.

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They are the W4, 230, 67 and 41.

The W4, 230 and 67 all run from Wood Green to Turnpike Lane so they definitely occupy the Zone for a significant length, so they should be low-emission.

The 41 is only on Green Lanes between Turnpike Lane crossroads and the top of West Green Rd, and a little longer in the opposite direction via Alfoxton Rd. That may only count as a crossing for the purpose of the Zone, though it does serve one (or two) stops along the zone [the exemption is "although they do not serve a bus stop within the zone"]. So probably all four routes are covered.

I was looking at this Bus Spider Map to work it out -- http://content.tfl.gov.uk/bus-route-maps/turnpike-lane-190816.pdf    Full searchable set here -- https://tfl.gov.uk/maps_/bus-spider-maps

This is really appreciated. Thank you

Amended the above - 41 more likely to be compliant than I first wrote.

As for the 144, the other bus on Turnpike Lane using the Turnpike Lane junction, it uses the High Rd - tick.

For Westbury Rd, the 123 starts in Wood Green - tick. The 217, 231 and 444 all start from the bus station so they're probably not covered.  I'm all done!



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