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Refugees Welcome Haringey #4familiesbyXmas petition to Haringey Council

Refugees Welcome Haringey are calling on Cllr Claire Kober, leader of Haringey Council, to ensure the resettlement of four Syrian refugee families in the borough by Christmas 2016 via the Vulnerable Person Resettlement (VPR) scheme. The scheme is funded by central Government. Refugees will be living in private rented accommodation, not social housing, and will be entitled to work and claim benefits.

Please sign and widely share the petition:


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Just four families? That's not nearly enough. Happy to have signed.

thanks for signing - and yes, Haringey Council really should take a look in the mirror!

I totally agree, we should give aid and help those in the refugee camps. The real genuine refugees are those still stuck in Syria like in Aleppo and I always support support being sent to help them. I do not support them being brought here. As far as the VPR scheme the above mentions it is for the real desperate people. To me being in a camp in Europe is not nice but at least it's safe..

Hi Nick

To clarify, The VPR scheme brings people directly from camps close to the conflict region.  Not those currently in Northern France etc.  People are selected by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the scheme is open only to those whose vulnerabilities mean they would not be safe in their current location.  To give you some context, this is the programme which also relocated Afghan interpreters who served the British military and therefore were at immediate threat of murder in Afghanistan.

Firstly your statement is not strictly true..Refugees are not allowed to work until their asylum application is processsed. Haringey council will have to pay the cost of privately rented accommodation and thirdly it's well you saying more are welcome then you pay for them..when council tax is so high in Haringey, when Social care is being cut, where there isn't enough GP , school places, hospitals we can't cope in Haringey!!!!!!!
Are four families really going to break the back of our local services...I don't think so.
Firstly the petition is for more than four and secondly if it is four yes it will as the rent and funding for these four families could help four elderly and disabled people that have had their social care cut . This money could house 4 veterans who fought for this country, this money could help 4 families on the hundreds already on the Haringey housing list. As I said before since these four families would not break the back of services...YOU pay and house them from your money and not from my taxes and council taxes..
yes they did take refugees from Cyprus and other countries and yes we should try and help but these refugees and migrants are already in a safe country. What about the thousands of children dieing in Sudan? What about the thousands dieing in Somalia? Back at home, how many pensioners die each year because they can't afford to even heat their home? What about the thousands of children homeless in the U.K? What about veterans who are on the streets? What about elderly and sick who are left without care? What about people who are dieing like the lady a few months ago because North Mid A@E lacked staff due to funding to even notice? What about children left without a school place or have to travel for miles? I could go on and on. This country pays a lot to help refugees in that region...we do our bit. Help our own people first then yes help others..As far as the tax going up to help, tell that to a pensioner who can barely afford to keep warm, or to the disabled who has to fund their care, to them even a penny means a lot..
Can I frame this in a different way to you...whether you agree with the decision or not, the government has set aside a pot of money for the resettlement of refugees. Haringey Council have two choices; they can either spend some of that fund on helping four families or they can do nothing. I don't see how it's possible to morally defend doing nothing.

It is a common trope to say 'charity begins at home' and 'we should be helping our own pensioners' but there is plenty of money to bail out the banks or to bomb people in Syria, isn't there? It is an austerity myth to say there is a limited pot of money to go round. The bedroom tax for example, has saved not a penny, and yet has forced people out of their homes and neighbourhoods. You have to ask why. The national debt has gone through the roof as austerity policies have reduced the governments income, but guess what? They proceed with more of the same. They want us fighting over the crumbs.

If you haven't yet signed- please do add your name to this petition and help trigger a debate in a Full Council Meeting.



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