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I wasn't quick enough to get a picture but Trudy and I saw what we think must have been a red kite this afternoon about 3pm.  It was circling slowly while moving from East to West.  It crossed Wightman Road above Allison Road and continued across the railway in the direction of Hornsey Vale.  It had variegated colouring seen from below, broad wings with primary fingers and the characteristic forked tail.  I have seen plenty of them in Wales and more recently along the A40 beyond Oxford but never before in this area.

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Saw one in Finchley a few years back. They were endemic in London until Victorian times, scavenging on the dumps.

Non-breeding examples will range all over the country.

Seen yesterday (only with reading glasses, and with slow wing-beat guessed at a heron) but closer today and saw the forked tail and absence of long trailing legs. Tick.



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