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I am sick of seeing the amount of flexible material in my bin at home I have to say, but as a result of my work in the plastic recycling sector I know that this is a really hard material to recycle and our recycling bin is not a route we have available to us at the moment sadly. 

I was at a conference yesterday and I mentioned during a session I was speaking at that I had a bin bag full of flexible packaging in my cellar waiting for Sainsbury's to open up their participation in a national flexible take back scheme a number of retails are participating in, including Sainsbury's.

I have since been in touch with someone who was in the audience and who has put me straight, Sainsbury's Harringay are already taking back flexibles it seems and here is a list of what you can save from your bin if you so wish. 

You have to take them to the store, but the collection point is a carrier back collection bin by the entrance. I have suggested they think about home delivery customers, I will let you know how this aspect develops. It's not the best solution, but it is a start and avoids it going to the incinerator at Edmonton!

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They don't make it clear at Sainsbury's that they take all flexible plastics and I had to ask where to put my recycling. I was feeding bags into the almost full bin marked 'Carrier Bags'  when someone tapped me on the shoulder and said - "It's not for that kind of stuff". I pointed out that in fact their website says they take a whole list of flexible plastics.

Given that a few days cooking yielded an entire carrier bag full of flexible plastics, they really need a decent size collection point, with a much clearer notice.

I agree. Communications is key here. I put some in a while back and felt bad about it, but when I asked earlier int eh week they said that those points are exactly where it should go! I knew that already, but I wanted to ask a staff member to see what they told me and they got it right. So, hopefully the message is getting through.

Really helpful to know indeed, thanks a lot. I have been saving up all the different wrappings separately for nearly 2 years now for dispatch via TerraCycle schemes but would be much easier to drop off in one place...

This gives you a flavor of what can and cannot be recycled! 

Thanks Justin. I see the rubric before the list proper says

"All items should be clean and free of food"

Flexible food pouches will need thorough and immediate rinsing - I know how quickly a discarded and apparently empty cat food pouch currently stinks out the waste bin!

I also learned today that some branches of Boots and Superdrug take empty medication blister packs for recycling

Yes, not many though. Blister packs are often aluminium backed PVC and are quite hard to recycle- but  PVC is a great material in protecting medication, so it is with us for a while. There are some developments around this though to use less impactful materials that are easier to recycle. The difficulty is who keeps hold of blister packs on the off chance they will go into one of these stores- I have been in neither in the past 12 months...

there's a Boots near work and I go through a LOT of blister packs so I'll try to remember to take them in with me - I'm in the office at least once a week these days. They were quite good at taking a damaged capsule as well - highly toxic handle with gloves type thing so I couldn't put in the bin or down the loo.

I know this is an old thread but I've yet to find a Boots or Superdrug that accepts empty medicine blister packs, Have things moved on at all since October last year?



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