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Has anyone had their loft converted recently and if so would  you recommend the company you used? 

Looking for a reliable company who take pride in doing a good job, rather than rushing through with a standard template. 

Any recommendations much appreciated.

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The standard two are Dan James Construction or Another Level Lofts.

I met with them both and favoured Dan James (prices were very similar, I just felt that the guy at Dan James communicated a little better).

On the whole they did an excellent job, my only caveat that the architect could have been a bit better (possibly I was expecting too much of them but I felt that I was pushing the conversation about the limit of what would be approved rather than them using their knowledge to assist me) but it was fine in the end.

Be aware that they have hefty waiting lists.

I phoned and emailed Dan James several times and no one ever got back to me.

Too busy I guess.

I've seen people saying this a couple of times with them. When I first did the quote they were a bit slow in coming back, although I probably only chased once. A bit luckier I guess.

Once the process was underway, communication was good. It helped a lot having someone based in the office who you could always get hold of.

Thank you Andrew.  I contacted both.  Helpful to hear what you say about the architect.  Slightly concerned as I think the architect's part is important as I'm not planning room plus ensuite, so want to discuss things a bit more creatively.  

From looking at other people's lofts the things that seem important to get right are room sizes, the look of the stairs (want them to look like their genuine part of house), outside appearance blends in with rest of house.  

Will see what they say.

Many thanks.


we have just used Forest Lofts and they were good. I used them because they had done loft for my friend in Leyton, and he was very happy and I liked works. i did a Kitchen extension and they did a good job. You can pm me if you want any more details. I also had a quote from a good chap and went to see a loft they were doing and looked very good (can find details also). we chose forest lofts based on recommendation from friend. prices were very similar surprisingly. 




Hi Alex, id love to get the contact details from you for both your recommendations. I'll send a connection request.



We used Dan James about 9 months ago. We got quotes from Dan James and Another Level and they were very similar.
Structurally the build is fine but the process didn't go smoothly as we had hoped.

We got the impression that they were very seasoned and experienced. But also that they were also really rushed and stretched between jobs. After signing on we felt we were rushed in decisions, but then they would delay things for a long time their end. A lot of the delays seemed to be waiting on contractors to come or too junior staff members that would have to come back a few times to complete their 'part.' So would definitely recommend you take the time to make the decisions you want.

We spoke to as many neighbours as possible who had done loft conversions and everyone seems to have a positive experience of doing a loft conversion. Including a few who recommended Dan James, so maybe just our experience and the luck of the draw on which staff get assigned to your build. We did a standard template loft if that helps so it may be that they give more time and expertise to more complicated builds.

At the end of the day we're really happy with our loft and love the extra space. 

Thank you for that.  A friend of mine who's had two lofts done by same company, after moving house, had different experience second time round, so maybe sometimes they use different teams.

I'm being very cautious because I had a not so great experience with a builder in past and want to try, as much as I can, to feel assured and confident in who I choose...if that's possible!

We have just had our loft completed by ALB lifts and are delighted with. We got quotes from Dan James and Another Level. ALB provided the far more detailed quote and specs of materials etc were identical to Dan James. Big difference was the waiting list. The process was pretty seamless and the plumber and electrician they used were amazing (ended up getting them to do more). 

Thanks.  I've not heard of them but will give them a call.  

We used Central London Lofts in our old house. Which is on the home page with whit floors  

Every build has its hick ips and we smoothed other issues smoothly.

We’d use them again and booked for our new house. We dealt with David the owner  ‭07515 540903‬. 

The team are quick and pretty clean. We kept them sweet with red bull n ice cream as it was very hot. 

You could try Gerard on 07788726798, who is finishing now a project in Finsbury park where maybe you could have a look. He did also something similar last year in Hartford. He is local, experimented, reliable and hardworking.



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