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Re-development of Richard Hope Play Space in Finsbury Park to begin next month

via Haringey Council

The redevelopment of the Richard Hope Play Space in Finsbury Park will start on Monday 1 February 2021, with the first two phases set to run until the end of April. This new playground will feature first-class facilities for all the family, with some notable equipment too.

Notification has also appeared at the site (picture via Friends of Finsbury Park)

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Disgraceful. With a number of other well-attended local playgrounds in need of urgent repair, replacement and development, why should the next project be in a park which had literally just had a huge new playground installed? And WiFi? Blows my mind. A bit of gaffer tape on the exposed cable wires in Downhills might be my first priority...

Because for good or ill, income from events in Finsbury Park can now only be spent on Finsbury Park, not shared around all other Haringey green spaces as used to be the case.

Craziness, what a ridiculous rule, which clearly only exacerbates unfai distribution of funding. Any idea where that change came from?

The Friends of Finsbury Park challenged, in the High Court, the lawfulness of partial closures of the Park for events such as Wireless on the basis of loss of public enjoyment of the whole park.

The case and subsequent appeal were lost, but (as I recall, I hope correctly), an unexpected outcome of the judgement was that revenues from the events could only be used for the benefit of Finsbury Park, not the wider group of spaces managed by Haringey Council.  There was much discussion of it on HoL in 2016 and 2017.

Interesting thanks - what a bizarre decision.

Sorry I missed the conversation first time around (:

Is this project a result of the same constraint on spending

wish they'd leave this well-used more 'wild' space alone, it's somewhere where kids can do more creative play and use their own imaginations.  There's plenty of good play equipment in FP as it is

Artificial grass amphitheatre?? Plastic grass?? Pretty unbelievable.

Did Friends of Fisbury Park have oversight of this? I'm genuinely dumbfounded

This seems like more money wasted by Haringey Council. There’s nothing wrong with the Richard Hope area at present - it’s nice to have somewhere more natural to sit and to exercise. 

I appreciate that Finsbury Park events have generated revenue which is eat-marked for improvements to the park. However, I’d rather than money is spent on a park warden to wander around the park and stop the drug dealing/cannabis smoking which is so prevalent. The park entrances and pavilion seating areas are particular hotspots. 

This looks absolutely great, more adventurous than the existing stuff and tidy up an area where the safety is a bit erratic.  Looking forward to it.



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