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Actually now I look at Hugh's pics again, particularly the bottom one, you can see the difference between the orange light on Wightman and the spooky blue white light coming from the side roads....

I was walking back along Wightman about 8.30 a couple of nights ago and I was beginning to wonder when The Walkers would start appearing. It was very zombie spookyesque.

Mmm, they're not as orange as in your picture, John, but they're not the bright white LED's. I took the kelvin just a tad lower than is fully accurate but cameras tend to produce far too warm an image for non-LED street lit scenes.

It certainly must be wonderful living on Wightman Road right now. I expect everyone on Turnpike Lane must hope that all their traffic will be diverted along Wightman Road soon so they can get some peace.

love the passive-aggressive approach chris, but do remember that turnpike lane is a commercial road. it is also an a road. wightman road is a narrow residential road built at the same width and for the same purpose as other residential roads in hornsey. as a result of decades of council mismanagement, it has ended up taking almost as much traffic as green lanes and cars have to park half on the pavement.

of course in an ideal world no one should have to take the traffic. no one on wightman road has asked for their traffic to be moved to turnpike lane or anywhere else. don't blame them nor begrudge them their few months of peace.

in the real world it would be nice to hope that wightman road could look forward to some degree of traffic relief in the future, but that is another topic altogether.

if you have a constructive solution to the problem i'm sure we'd all love to hear it, but making comments behind your hand serves no purpose other than to stir up ill will.

which road are you on by the way? how much traffic does your road have? would you volunteer it as part of the solution?

I think Chris' passive aggression beats your open aggression...."stir up ill will" etc.

there you go - look at that ill will stirred up already!

i don't live on wightman and many aspects of my life have been a royal pain since it closed but i have taken a few minutes to try and understand what's going on and put things in perspective. some people are clearly not predisposed to do the same. there is no evidence that chris has. im assuming that his life has been inconvenienced by the change, but hes stated neither the reasons for his anger nor any solutions to the situation.

my description of his comment may be blunt and to the point, but do you think its inaccurate?

I think it's just rude

Andrew, I read it as a bit of a joke.

Why not take it as such ?

well you may be right. i suspect not. lets allow chris to illuminate us.

Keep it civil please folks.

Andrew your comment was too 'too the point' and has been edited in line with house rules.

Hi All !

Me and my girlfriend moved to Harringay Ladder about 10 months ago from south of Finsbury Park. We love the area but by a long long way the worst part of living here is Traffic.(litter is pretty bad also)

Not sure if people who live here a long time have become used to it but its not normal to have that much traffic in a residential road such a Wightman road. Green lanes is virtually gridlocked every day especially around Sainsbury's.  We cycle to work each day and its been absolutely wonderful having such a safe quiet road to cycle down. Wightman road is normally the busiest and dangerous part of the entire journey and thats cycling all the way into central London and to Canary Wharf each day. Most of the people driving through just use it as a rat run they dont live on the ladder and probably not even in Harringay. Why should residents have to put up with all the noise and pollution? Wightman road is actually a very pretty road but its totally blighted by all the traffic. Look at just south of Finsbury park and they have permantly closed a lot of the residential roads to traffic with the major roads such as Blackstock and Green lanes taking the through traffic.

I would be interested if most of the residents on Wightman like it being closed or find it inconvenient ?

Personally I would Permanently close Wightman and to hell with the knock on effects ! Let traffic go on Green lanes or through Crouch end - look at a map its just a huge residential rat run and in my eyes unacceptable !

We live on Beresford road BTW x



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