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Hi there lovely local people, 

Here on Bradley Road, Wood Green, we're worried about Haringey's chaotic development plans.

We're asking the Council to provide written answers to our questions.

Please help us, sign our petition and share it if you share the same concerns.


Thanks, Cat

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That's a reasonable run down of concerns. I'm pro the development generally but a spotlight on these areas could well be wise.

thanks for giving us your support!

Signed. Your community is not alone in its concerns about the Wood Green Area Action Plan and the Haringey Development Vehicle. The following are non-partisan, community based campaigns. Link up, get informed and involved

Haringey Defend Council Housing:


The Two Billion Pound Gamble:


thanks so much for the links - will seek them out!

All good questions....

I think that the inquisitors have given the issue more thought than the council has !

Good luck with this campaign.

thanks for the encouragement!

I support you!

Just for clarity, you may want to  replace "MP for Haringey" with "MP for Hornsey and Wood Green" in the last bit of the petition.

ahh great tip thanks I will!

Cat when you say ...

'We’re concerned that you're making demolition plans based on the arrival of CrossRail2 in the Alexandra Palace Rail Station area, when it has not been confirmed let alone had its station location confirmed. In fact, TfL are said to want it to be located by Wood Green tube station. (Informed by team planning member).'

What's being demolished ?

Caxton Road, Mayers Road, (I think Coburn Road?). The member of the planning team I met outside Morrisons pointed to the map and told me that these demolitions were happening because this way the new developments, including Station Rd, would compliment the arrival of the new CR2 station. It seemed odd to be making these massive changes to fit in with the new CR2 station if they don't know where it's going to be yet. Surely it's better to wait?

Ah right, I thought that was going to be the place of the Wood Green cross rail 2 entrance. I imagined ally pally would have been further up near alley pally station ? Maybe not.

Yes sorry I'm referring to the Ally Pally station location here :) 'My' planner told me this was the one they're working to. Essentially what I'm getting at is that until they actually know where the new station will be, all the plans for new walk ways and markets and squares are sort of redundant. It might be prudent to wait before knocking down people's houses on the basis that 'lots of people will want to eat artisan sandwiches here' if we're not sure that's the case. 



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