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We have just been told that we have been awarded £10,000 to help transform the Quernmore Road Parade into a space for everyone! The community effort was brilliant, and goes to show how working together CAN make positive change.

Lots of hard work now in the New Year once the grant is released - so keep an eye out for the improvements!

Huge thanks to:

Tesco/Groundworks for selecting our project for the grant

Local resident Julie and her colleague Hina at Publicity Overload - who donated their expertise and time for free to help us reach the widest audience and achieve our goal

Kit of SAGRA, and all her hard work and persistence

Magnolia and Etsuko at Stroud Green Library for supporting us throughout

Councillor Tim Gallagher, who has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals

.... and of course, thank you to all who took the time to vote, supported their community and came together to make a positive change.


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Oh Thanks for that and link. Cheers

And (hey presto, perfect timing, thank you Hugh Flouch) here in the link is a 1957 photo of the bridge over the railway showing part of the sign painted on the side of the building.

The dry cleaners is ace, as is But First

Thanks for your list.

My memory has

D.Rose off licence at J.

Newsagent with alsation dogs at H

Stevens & Steeds with wrought iron name over at G

Over the bridge -past the signal box- was Catlins newsagent etc at L

with  my coblers employer at K.

and The Railway -Pub by Flowers at M


Opposite, there was another sweet shop and am pretty sure there was an off licence too. E was a launderette at some stage.

John, do you perchance have an unedited version of that photo?

I'll have a look, Hugh, but my negatives from 50 years ago may not be complete!

Thanks John. Sounds like you may have a gold mine there!

Don't get too excited - I haven't got many photos from that immediate area, but here's one to be going on with - taken at dusk on winter evening from the rear of 4 Quernmore Road, where I used to live.


Thanks John!

I like the street bench, exit stage right...
Can we have Tim? Amazing what you can achieve when you have a councilor fighting for you.

Hopefully Network Rail and Haringey Council can settle on the surface treatment as residents enter the bridge, many slip over in cold weather, I'd identify tactile tiles like those on Muswell Hill, for a more permanent solution. Good luck, great to hear your getting somewhere.



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