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We have just been told that we have been awarded £10,000 to help transform the Quernmore Road Parade into a space for everyone! The community effort was brilliant, and goes to show how working together CAN make positive change.

Lots of hard work now in the New Year once the grant is released - so keep an eye out for the improvements!

Huge thanks to:

Tesco/Groundworks for selecting our project for the grant

Local resident Julie and her colleague Hina at Publicity Overload - who donated their expertise and time for free to help us reach the widest audience and achieve our goal

Kit of SAGRA, and all her hard work and persistence

Magnolia and Etsuko at Stroud Green Library for supporting us throughout

Councillor Tim Gallagher, who has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals

.... and of course, thank you to all who took the time to vote, supported their community and came together to make a positive change.


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Well done.
Congratulations! Amazing to hear what you've achieved.

Congrats Matt et al

Tim Gallagher, thanks for that. And well done, we know this isn't easy.

Photo taken in 1964

I am intrigued by the background in this photo - it looks as though the bridge to Wightman Road leads directly to the great wall of China. 

It's going to be great when the work is done - well done and thank you for all your campaigning.

Yes, the mountains aren't there any more.

It was tha glacier that did it, and left us with Highgate Ridge!
St Paul's before it sadly burnt down, nestled at the foot hills of Haut Jardin.

The Station can also be seen, built by the British Land Company, I thought.

Seeing this photo is very timely as I have been remembering this area from when I was young and worked for Ron Barford. I was doing research into possible photos of that time, and bingo here is one. On the back of this great, if alpine back-dropped photo, could anyone assist in my memories of Quernmore Rd, by remembering the numbered shops etc in my uploaded  arieal image enclosed here please.

This view- apart from the edited background, is as I remember it opposite the library with UD in the corner and Channings next to the closed footpathand the bridge with its brass handrail to the mahogany-style kiosk where we bought or 'shewed' our tickets.

I understand HSS will be having an article in their next edition about this area going back earlier if anyone is interested in it as it then.


PS. I can't imagine where this £10.000 will be spent.


If you look closely, a couple of those shops are now residences, disguised as shops.

The ones in the photo are
A: United Dairies
B: J. Dennis, Butcher
C: Geo Smythe, Greengrocer
D: Eve's Stores, Hardware
E: (Don't remember)
F: Tobacconist and sweet shop

I can't remember much about the shops on the other side of the road, except that one of them was another grocer, one of the smaller chains like Lipton's (except that it wasn't Lipton's!)

The mountains were added to my photo in an idle moment on a dull Saturday afternoon in the winter of 1964-65, which I though improved the flat landscape of Tottenham and West Essex!

G was at one time Stevens and Steeds - this came up in another thread about Ghost Signs, but since then the dry cleaning shop has renovated the shop front so the name is now visible there, too.



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