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Sorting Office Protests Lead to Special Parcel Delivery Arrangments in N8

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Following local protests, the Royal Mail have said that will trial a new early morning delivery service to minimise the impact of closing the Hornsey Sorting Office.

The service will mean that parcels for N8 postcodes will be delivered between 7am and 9am, when people are most likely to be home.

More than 1000 residents protested against plans by Royal Mail to close the Hornsey sorting office and move services to the Bush Industrial Estate, N19. N4 services have been based there since the closure of the Harringay sorting office.

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I wonder how many people complained about the n4 closure.... might we have had a similar result?

The Hornsey closure had quite a well organised campaign with Lynne Featherstone on board. That provided a sense of focus that the N4 closure lacked.

I complained bitterly about the n4 closure and got a flaccid response along the lines that the post office had consulted (not sure with whom) & it was unanimous that it was a good change.

Even the staff hate the move because the location is remote & I think the estate is dangerous.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone doesn't get attacked when the nights draw in again soon.
Isn't that what they do already? We generally get our parcels early in the morning and that's when I see the chap racing around in his van like a boy racer.
Delivering the parcels when people might actually be in, genius idea.

Our guys are brilliant at getting us before we go out. I've rarely had to pick up parcels as they do normally get to use before 8am. 

Indeed they do - 'new early morning delivery' my a**e, it's exactly what we've had for years. They're hoping nobody realises and they can just get rid of the sorting office as planned. Sneaky.

I want to know what the excuse is for N15 deliveries being at lunchtime...handy! It is also a bus journey and then a 10 min walk to our collection point, so I feel your pain, N8!



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