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Loving the stillness

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Me too - it's so quiet in our garden. As a cyclist, the lack of traffic is brilliant.

Pro of walking....I'm straight passed all the traffic on Green Lanes!

Hurrah!. Have had a safer cycle home twice this week, avoiding the horror that is Green Lanes at rush hour.

Its the best thing ever. I do feel sorry for those who have an actual need to drive (buses, ambulances, blue badge owners etc). For everyone else, perhaps this is an opportune moment to dust off the old penny farthing and work towards the longer term solution...

What a sinister looking street!! Loads of shadows for things to jump out of, no one around to help, cars that will pull out on you without looking cos they won't be expecting any traffic. Scarily still. As disturbing as 'the gardens'. Yuck.
I wouldn't want to walk up there in the dark , But if that floats your boat !!!!
Personally I'm a city boy, I'd rather be playing with the traffic in the real world.

I hadnt thought of that - wonder how long it'll take?

And I thought it was just me! I genuinely don't like the quiet... I preferred it the way it was...and I haven't slept properly since the road closures... I like the bustle... if I wanted quiet I'd live in the country

That's strange.

What a lovely looking street!! Loads of fresh air for people to breath, more pedestrians and cyclists around to help, people that can cross the road without worrying cos they won't be expecting any maniacs. Wonderfully still. As much birdsong as a garden. Hurrah!

I would be more likely to walk there to the park , where they hire boats !!!!
I feel sorry for the city boys, who'd rather be sitting in the traffic in the rat-race.

Just to play the other side of the story.....

Warham seems to be as busy as usual; there needs to be signage on St Anns and Salisbury Road to warn drivers that Warham is access only and that it is a waste of time going that way.



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