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Yesterday was the last day of validity of non-barcode stamps, so I popped into the PO to pick up a form to exchange the ones I have left. There was no information, they had no forms, and the man even chided me for not using them up as I’d had a year’s notice! I told him I’d had nothing to post  in that time and wasn’t going to use them just to meet the deadline. ( I only have a tenner’s worthy, but still… )

Luckily you can order the form online, and have it posted, as I don’t have a functioning printer.  But the place that actually sells you stamps doesn’t want to know anything about it! 

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Think they're more interested in selling other things rather than stamps. 

I went in there 6months ago, and they told me they hadn’t got any forms. So my stamps are probably going in the bin

such a scam

Seems like it. Where is the customer service? I miss the old P.O.

Ruth, I have nothing but praise for the new STAMP customer service at our old Crown P.O.  A little more expensive of course, but well worth it.

Not visited there I'm afraid! Perhaps I should 

I haven't yet received my form from the PO - perhaps it's lost in the post!

Probably is! Ironic isn't it.  

Sorry. My mistake.  This is the form I am about to use:




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