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There is a postbox at the top of Mattison, on the corner of Wightman.

I've posted 5 things in it lately and not a single thing has arrived. The items ranged from postcards abroad to letters within London. 

Is it possible its not being emptied?

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Last year my sister in the US posted two Xmas parcels to me on the same day in the same PO at the same time. One got here three weeks later but the other one never arrived, no note through the door, nothing. Then in April of this year she got the missing parcel returned to her. On it had been marked by Royal Mail "No such address".

A cousin in San Francisco has twice posted a packet of family photos that I accidentally left there back to me - and twice they have been returned to her marked "No Such Address". Luckily she has been able to scan them and email them, so they are not lost to me.

Re the Mattinson box, worth talking to the local Post Office (or even your postie - who at the very least could tell you who you should talk to). Does sound very odd, assuming that you posted these things a while ago.

The post round here is very hit and miss. Weve had incoming mail go missing and never arrive. This includes things bought online and sent via royal mail. The postie also never bothers to leave a card so we never know when a delivery has been attempted.

Probably to do with the impending sorting office closures. The Lib Dems are onto it;

Harringay Cllr David Schmitz, Haringey Lib Dem Leader Cllr Richard Wilson, Lynne Featherstone MP, and local activist Viv Ross outside Hornsey sorting office on Tottenham Lane, N8.

"Probably to do with ...?" Hmm. Or possibly not? Did you follow-up Alison's suggestion and ask, Dave?

But I'm impressed by the serious - worried? morose? - expressions of these concerned local citizens. One of them bears a very striking resemblance to Cllr David Schmitz. Who not only has a sharp mind, but is one of the few Haringey politicians (of either party) who plainly thinks for himself and in public doesn't simply repeat the party "message". In my experience David also values evidence and talks practical good sense about local issues.  This is what he wrote on HoL on 31 October:

"It's important to bear in mind the fact that the N4 Arena sorting office cannot be saved, because the lease to the post office is about to run out and because that lease is not protected under the security of tenure provisions in the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954."

David went on - quite rightly - to lambast the Post Office's very poor choice for the new location.  And he flagged-up the LibDem campaign and petition. Click here to read his whole comment.

The lady in the middle of this grim group also looks familiar. Is it perhaps my former council colleague Lynne? Didn't she go on to have something to do with the Coalition Government? If so, perhaps she could use her influence on the Post Office?

(Labour councillor Tottenham Hale ward)

I don't know why you folks are refusing to co-operate with the Royal Mail & Post Office.

You're supposed to leave your parcels and letters with your next door neighbour. It's their job to make sure that all articles are posted securely. The system can't work only one way, y'know.

The Leaning Pillar Box on Mattison accepts mail for Italy only.

And for Tottenham Hale Station, Eddie.

The Leaning Column - update August 2012

Lots of tired street furniture.

Maybe it's time to check those empty shops in White Hart Lane again?



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