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Police Suggest Night-time Safety Improvements for Finsbury Park

The Islington Gazette has reported that Police have urged Haringey Council to make some safety improvements to Finsbury Park following the killing of barmaid Iuliana Tudos. The recommendations include locking the park at night.

Officers carried out an Environmental Visual Audit in February, when they were joined by Haringey’s anti-social behaviour team and councillors from both Haringey and Islington. The February audit report, written by the Met’s Designing Out Crime team, was handed over to the council last month.
While the findings haven’t been published, police indicated at a meeting hosted by the Friends of Finsbury Park that the recommendations also included improving the boundary fences and installing better lighting.

Haringey Council said that it had no plans to close the gates, but said it would “work with colleagues” to implement any changes found to be necessary following a separate safety review, which started last year.

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The Friends of Finsbury Park are currently conducting a survey of local opinion on this issue. You can complete it online here.

Seems like you might have some ideas. How would you have designed it differently?

I completed the survey but was thrown by the pre-amble the questions were based on.  It says that the list of ideas and concerns came from a meeting attended by 30 people.  Those thirty people should have been motivated to attended because they were concerned about safety in the park so had views based on their own experiences and perceptions (which is fair enough).  But the questions are framed in such a way that those views and perceptions are presented as the right ones and you are simply asked to give a view on them.

The methodology also ensures that the respondents are pulled from a set who are more likely to hold similar opinions as they will be on the FoFP mailing list rather than the general population of park users or residents who live near the park.  It would be like asking people who are members of the RAC if they think more roads should be built - they would be far more likely to say yes than the general population.  

As is suggested somewhere in this thread a meaningful survey would need to get hold of the opinions of the vast majority of users and residents who are not signed up to FoFP mail shots.

That's what they say they're for, but they seem to be more about representing the interests of people who own and live in houses around the park.

what annoyed me about the survey is that they don' t mention employment of staff. one would have thought that will all festival money going directly into the park they'd have made a big deal about that. nevertheless I filled it in despite the fact its a terrible survey. The AOB section is the only relevant part quite frankly. 

Thanks Hugh. Is there any chance you could put that survey as a topic in this week's Friday Ketchup? Cheers, Mimi

It will be, I've also added it as a separate post.

I'm with Spiderman on this one. Agree with what he wrote above too. Please don't put it in the Ketchup.

I take your point, Spidey. It's not the most balanced intro and might well lead people in a certain direction. Having said that, John, I think I ought to let people decide for themselves whether to complete it or not and not pull it from the Ketchup. It's not going to be featured, just added to the list.

Personally, I'm a 'don't know' on park night time closure. When the question crops up, I always think about places like Clapham Common and HampsteadHeath. Is crime in those places a particular problem?

Not the best examples. It depends on what you think is a crime

Or the survey can be explicitly split into one gathering the feedback of park users and one gathering the feedback of people who may be park users but also own property around the park.

"I doubt they'd listen to me". 
Please try it.

Later today (perhaps) we may learn the proposed "portfolio" of each "cabinet" member" and discover who will have responsibility for parks.



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