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Police Suggest Night-time Safety Improvements for Finsbury Park

The Islington Gazette has reported that Police have urged Haringey Council to make some safety improvements to Finsbury Park following the killing of barmaid Iuliana Tudos. The recommendations include locking the park at night.

Officers carried out an Environmental Visual Audit in February, when they were joined by Haringey’s anti-social behaviour team and councillors from both Haringey and Islington. The February audit report, written by the Met’s Designing Out Crime team, was handed over to the council last month.
While the findings haven’t been published, police indicated at a meeting hosted by the Friends of Finsbury Park that the recommendations also included improving the boundary fences and installing better lighting.

Haringey Council said that it had no plans to close the gates, but said it would “work with colleagues” to implement any changes found to be necessary following a separate safety review, which started last year.

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... not much point in closing the gates when there's so many holes in the fence...

If the baseball field gate had been closed on that night that girl would have walked round and not cut through and might still be here now sadly. It must be safer to close the gates surely ?

I understand your point Tina but shouldn’t the aim be to make the Park safer for anyone who wishes to use it rather than turning it into a no-go area?  

I couldn’t agree more Michael , plans need to be made to make the place as safe as possible day and night so people can enjoy the place as it’s meant to be , I was just saying that an open gate at night is an invite to go in . 

I know that baseball field well and it used to be locked all the time , then someone broke the lock and people used the field a lot more than when it was locked .

Gosh yes, they got in there and played football in the middle of summer at 4am! The park was not responsible for that poor girl's murder, as usual a MAN was.

I just wonder how come that Clissold Park down the road feels so save and is clean whereas Finsbury Park gets littered and lots of people loitering and selling and consuming drugs etc? There is a much higher presence of Police/Park wardens in Clissold Park, I guess Haringey don't have the money to put more people patrolling the park?

it' very simple. Hackney enforce the rules and lock the gates at night, and but most importantly, they have permanent staff and lots of them. until Haringey parks service put the money they make from concerts into staffing it will remain a  shit hole. 

20 years ago the park was as bad as it is now. Then lots of money was spent on it and it was nice for a few years. Now it has regressed to former state. I avoid it now, Clissold Park or Woodberry Wetlands are close by, so I prefer to go there. Although I did go to Finsbury Park with a friend a few weeks ago and we were astounded by the sight of a man and woman having sex on a bench in front of us. And some idiot flying a drone at low height over picnicking groups. AVOID. 

Great - without locals wanting the park we can have concerts every weekend 

yes I agree. But I do wonder though, do Hackney just have more money as a council than Haringey? Is there any way to find out? Or is it just a matter of Haringey prioritising concerts that basically make the whole park a no go area for local residents for weeks on end?

Apart from Saturday mornings Finsbury Park is just unpleasant because of the people in it.

I  think the running of the parks is outsourced at Hackney. it certainly wasn't when I worked there.

I use the park at least two times a day and talk to the staff. and it is ultimately a state due to the incredibly low staffing costs. 

I personally think the park should be used at nights and well lit. the running track ensures the gates are left open as it closed at around 9 to 10 pm. that said if there were staff available all gates could be locked when it closes.

with the concert fees now having to go directly into the park it would be utter madness not to employ staff and improve lighting. it would be great if the cafes and courts could stay open longer. more people using the park will ultimately make it safer at night.  with good lighting and plenty of staff this could happen.

The park is unlit because of the nimby environmentalists that live around Railway Fields and love animals. In this case, won't someone think of the bats?



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