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The RSPB are asking people to put water out for birds as the lack of rain drags on and sources of water are increasingly hard to find for wildlife.

It doesn't have to be a fancy bird bath. I have an old plant saucer on the garden table which I fill up with water from the rain butt every morning and I'm visited by a procession of scruffy blue and great tit fledglings bathing, goldfinches delicately sipping, blackbirds and starlings. They always seem to sense me when I get my camera out, but as you can see my 'bird bath" is very basic indeed.

Here it is after a visit from a bathing bird, water all over the table.

Read more about water for birds at the RSPB website

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Good advice, job done.

We’ve got a cheap bird bath in a quiet corner of the garden and it’s amazing how many birds visit every day to drink and bathe.  Not only are you helping out local wildlife you get beautiful birds in your garden - who incidentally are helping out with my slug and snail problem.

top tip, doing it right now

Good idea, and while we're talking about water, can I put in a plea for people to water the small Street Trees in your road? Dump a watering can or bucket of water down the watering tube every now and then.. I've noticed some young trees looking very peaky, leaves going brown and drooping. The bigger guys can look after themselves...



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