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Has anyone else experienced people stealing plants from front garden?

It has happened to us three times in 6 weeks - on Langham Road.

Such a sad crime - especially when they are only bedding plants. 

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Hello yes, I put a post on here a few weeks ago! My neighbour had a rose plant stolen from the front garden. We are off Philip lane but a lot of people responded who are on the ladder. It seems to be a lucrative crime.
Sorry to hear it's happened to you too.

Click the tags added under your post. Sadly, this is not a completely unheard of phenomenon.

Thanks both - looks like i'll have to add some GPS tags to plants from now on - to see where they go....bury it within the roots!

 A friend I know had some plants stolen and wrote a note saying how upset she was and the plants were sentimental. Lo behold a few days later the plants reappeared! I guess it just depends on who has taken them.

I have to admit to putting broken glass in my flower beds outside my former home when my plants were repeatedly stolen. I was careful to put it close to the plant stem so that passing pussy cats didn't walk on it but it solved the problem.

You're lucky that, with the current criminal -is-the-victim policy, you weren't sued

Well only if they were prepared to be done for trespass...it solved the problem...but clearly the Friends planters are actually on the public pavement so not advisable there

Yes! And I couldn't believe it. The original potted plants installed by the Friends of Harringay Passage (great job by the way!) did not really catch - so I re-planted with some geraniums. They were all coming along splendidly. I went away for a few days and came back to find that someone had taken a couple of the plants away. (see Pic 1) So sad!

I have replaced and it looks better - but just not the same continuity. (2nd pic) 

Ah, I wondered who had been brightening up the street- thank you!



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