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Plan for 20 metre high 5G mast on corner Grove Rd, Culvert Rd, Oulton Rd N15

Have people locally seen the plans for a 20m 5G mast on the green to the south of Edgecot Court? The mast will be blocking the nice views for roughly 30-40 of the flats with south facing views from Edgecot court. As well as over 20 houses and flats around the green area. And would be clearly visible from the Seven Sisters Rd end of Culvert Rd. Take a look and object if you like using the link below. Website: http://www.planningservices.haringey.gov.uk/portal/servlets/Applica... Reference number: HGY/2020/1249 Would be really interested to people's thoughts on this - and potentially find some support for opposing it. Need to act swiftly though.

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I regret to say that I would not be inclined to oppose such a mast if it was in the area where I live in Tottenham, and where mobile reception can be patchy at times.

Err - what nice view ?

LoL. Too true. 

Lol - it's the best we got 

Search for 5G awareness, the physical mast is the least of your worries.

You mean this website, that carries adverts selling oil to kill cancer cells?

Apparently 5G also causes COVID-19. Firm grounds for planning opposition.

No it doesn't. Even without the scientific background that proves otherwise, do you want to explain to me how a country that doesn't have 5G gets Coronavirus? Or do you think it didn't start in China.


I guess adverts help revenue. Try and skip them.


Adverts like this are illegal under the Cancer Act 1939 and are regularly prosecuted.  I’ve reported the site 

Bit Chute?! David Icke’s favourite website because it promotes his videos that have been banned on YouTube?! That website? Thank you. I’ll add it to my favourite bookmarks alongside 4Chan. 



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