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Following Sam's publication of the sad demise of the old Oakwood Laundry, I've added below the latest set of visualisations of the site is due to become from developer Hadley Property Group.

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My understanding is that the new medical facility will include a relocated West Green Surgery - see this reference on their web site.

In the 50s we used to play roller hockey on the forecourt of Oakwood. We waited to be turfed off but it never happened. Years later I met someone who knew the boss - apparently he said he didn't mind - better than tearing round the streets! Wonder what he would make of the street line of the development!

Do you perchance remember what happened when the Laundry moved out? I think that was late 60s - mid 70s.

Sadly not - I left in 1964 and I believe Oakwood was a going concern then.

What's the cladding then?

Judging from the pictures, the outer cladding is brick.

The development now has a sales website with a marketing video that makes GL look like Shoreditch. https://forevergreenlanes.com

Urban but green - cake and eat it. Thanks for the link.

Hah oh dear, plenty of coffee shops featured but somehow they’ve failed to feature a single kebab shop, must’ve taken some real effort!

FWIW I live nearby and I don’t mind this development, I’ve looked over the plans & hope they stick to the plan to tidy up Colina Mews.

Hey agreed. It should be a net positive for the high street - and the Colina Mews Plan looks great. 

Oakwood laundry... Saturday morning roller hockey site in the 50s. Spot on size of car park! They never chased us off either!

Is that really the best design for the facade they could come up with? It is just so ugly and severe and all passers by will be forced to see this wart that passes for architecture, when using Green Lanes?

They could have used the adjacent TFL ventilation shaft for inspiration.




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