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People coming to door offering free loft insulation from the Council

A young man came to my door in Hewitt Road a few minutes ago, he mentioned the council and that I may be entitled to free loft insulation, but said I would need someone to inspect my loft. I asked him for his ID. He said he was a trainee and didn't have one but was working with surveyors who were up the road and could go and get them in a couple of minutes but they would have to come and inspect my loft. I said I'm not speaking to anyone without ID, and closed the door.

If he/they are asking for access to people's homes, someone may believe them and let them in.


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Hi all,


Sorry to gatecrash this conversation, but I work for the council and was a little alarmed when I read about this. I can confirm that there is no company working on behalf of the council promoting loft insulation in the Harringay area. The only scheme we have got is called Heatseekers and they are currently in the White Hart Lane and Woodside wards. I called Heatseekers and they said the following:

- They leaflet before they door knock (the leaflet explains the scheme in full and there is an opt-out phone number on the leaflet).
- They wear navy blue jackets with "Mark Group" on them (Mark Group is the insulation company which runs Heatseekers) or black fleeces with Heatseekers.
- They all carry name cards with "Mark Group" on them and should produce them on request.
- They should be able to provide a thermal image of the house to the resident on request.


I strongly suspect that the people that many of you have seen do not work for a loft insulation company (I think all reputable firms would carry ID badges) and are certainly not supported by Haringey Council.


If you see this again please report it to the police in the first instance and then to us (Environmental resources team) on 020 8489 3489.


Many thanks,



I'm bumping this thread as a 'surveyor' from 'SIG Energy Management' is doing the rounds at the moment (Allison Road). Mentioned the council etc. Please be aware this is a sales visit.

This thread may be useful as well.


I wonder though whether these people are really scammers or burglars checking if you're home.. I dont know if this is a coincidence but our house on Sydney rd was burgled exactly a week after this thread was started. We believed this happened in middle of the day when no-one was in. Could they have had a back up story of 'loft insulation'?

This bank holiday, however, we had a strange caller insisting he had a special delivery for someone who doesnt live here. Coincidence? Not sure. 

They take no for an answer so just slam the door in their faces.

Can you believe they are still using this scam in 2015?

A young man came today very adamant to come in and see the loft. I was suspicious and told him no a few times, as he wouldn't have it. He finally left, but I'm a bit concerned. Watch out folks!



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