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Has anyone had any experience with surveyor Paul Brettell?

We're having our loft converted. Our neighbours had a bad experience with their own conversion and are insisting on a party wall surveyor. Paul Brettell has been recommended by Pat of Another Level, who's doing the building work. I'm guessing that they have some sort of deal. I'd love to hear from anyone who's actually used Paul. Were you happy with the service?

Would also welcome other recommendations for a decent and affordable party wall surveyor. 

Thanks in advance.

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We used Marcel (marcel@marcelgoga.co.uk) who was recommended to me and who our neighbours are now using. He was friendly and efficient and i would certainly recommend.

Good luck!

Thanks, Joe. Will look him up.

Hi Rainbow

we used him and the experience was all good, answered any questions, easy to get hold off and it was pain free.  He was dealing with a surveyor employed by a BTL landlord, so was expecting problems but it went smoothly.  Hope it goes well


Thanks, Mavic. That's good to know.

Did Pat also do your conversion? 

I used Colin Rickard http://northlondonsurveyor.co.uk/

Seemed cheaper than many out there, knew his stuff and was happy to chat through things on the phone to ensure that you were up to speed on the process.

Thanks, Andrew.

We used Colin when we first bought our flat, based on a recommendation on this forum. That seemed to  go OK.

However, our freeholder has hired him to do a structural assessment of our conversion plans (which we, obviously, had to pay for). So I don't think that we can use him for the party wall issue.

Hi. We used Another Level for our loft conversion . We didn't use Paul Bretall in the beginning and it was such a mistake!  We ended up using him following some party wall issues and he was extremely helpful and competent. If we had used him in the beginning we probably wouldn't have had issues later. I would recommend. He was reasonably priced. 

Thanks, Saima.

If you don't mind my asking, how was your experience with Pat and Another Level?

Very good. They were hard working and efficient. Our loft was finished in 7 or 8 weeks. Whilst you probably won't have a cup of tea and natter with Pat,  he makes up for it by being reliable. Also in the first stage of the works he was there climbing up the roof and doing the initial building work with his guys which is also reassuring.  We didn't use any of the people Pat recommended ( architect, structural engineer,  surveyor) and deeply regretted it. You are welcome to come and have a look at our loft.

Bit late to this thread but I found the recommendations here helpful. We used Paul Brettell and had a very good experience - great communication and very easy to work with.



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