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Hi Neighbours, 

A cautionary tale, please be vigilant, I was mugged yesterday evening (Tues 16th Nov) at approx. 5:50pm on the Passageway, between Warham & Seymour I think (I lost my bearings).

Young Caucasian male, 19-early 20s, dark hair, slim build and height about 5ft4 wearing a dark blue hoodie pulled up and grey skinny jeans.

He passed me initially, going in the opposite direction and then backtracked and ran at me from behind.

Please be vigilant and keep your eyes and ears out for this individual or if any women are shouting for help.

Luckily he didn't have a weapon, but he frisked me and took my phone & wallet from my handbag.

He ran off along the Passageway in the direction of Turnpike Lane, if anyone saw a man running at that time? Maybe you heard me shouting? I called 999, but the earliest the local police can come and interview me is Saturday 20th Nov. Too busy taking PR pics of them "patrolling the beat" for Twitter.

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Very sorry to hear about your experience. Thanks for letting us know. 

Thank you for your support Hugh.

So sorry to hear this too - and I’m really shocked that it takes that long for the police to be able to interview you about it! I thought there was a concerted effort to improve their presence in the area.

I do hope you’re ok - it must have been very frightening. 

Thank you Alison. Yes likewise, re the concerted effort, I was under that impression too. The slow response from the local police is disheartening. They seem to be too busy adding pics to twitter handle @MPSHarringay

That sounds pretty upsetting, really sorry to hear this happened to you, and thanks for sharing.

The response time sounds poor, given there is a big commitment to the area at the moment by the police. You might want to drop a line to Ian Sygrave, who is the Ladder Community Safety partnership- 'Ian Sygrave' <lcsp@blueyonder.co.uk>. He is likely to be able to get this to a higher point int eh chain of command...

Thanks Justin. And good advice, thanks for the contact, I'll email. 

I am very sorry to hear this and I was hoping given the police promise of presence this would not be happening. However that presence seems to have been temporary.   Can I ask you did this individual have a scruffy beard? It sounds terribly like one of our regular substance abusers and I would hope that he could be identified to the police if this is the man. 

Thank you. No he was clean shaven, not scruffy at all. Didn't look like any of the 'regulars' on the Passageway. 

And a bit of an update. Thank you for all of your feedback and with the support of councillor Sarah James and Ian Sygrave the police have just phoned to say they're coming in the next hour.

Sorry to hear about your experience. Glad to hear they are finally coming to speak to you about it. Hope they catch him!

It's actually shocking it took outside pressure to get the police to see you sooner. There's a strong relationship between the length of time between something happening and the accuracy of the memory and given you'd be giving them a statement... 

Apparently it is to do with the way the police organise such things.  The team dealing with crime related interviews is different to the local Safer Neighborhood Teams (SNT). Indeed the SNT apparently were not even aware of this happening. Hopefully now they are, but it begs the question as to how they join this up in future.

Indeed - if real time crime intelligence isn’t being routinely shared with the SNT how are they to be effective in delivering a safer neighbourhood?



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