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Hi All, 

Does anyone know who we can complain to about the Parking Services section of the council? I've ordered a two week visitor permit as we'll be moving out soonish, but I have not received it yet, despite ordering over a week ago. I've tried to get through to the council customer services all morning, but no matter which option I choose, I get a recorded message saying they're busy, call back later. It IS later and they're still not picking up.

I hope I have grounds to appeal a ticket if I get one before the Permit arrives!

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Same thing happened to me, went down in person and she just ran it off from the printer, useless is not the word for them. If you have the time then get there early, will only take a moment.

Look forward to a leap in efficiency when they demolish Apex House and move the Customer Services into  chunks of Marcus Garvey library and Wood Green library.  Of course the people using the library to do their online permit replacements will be thrilled to be waiting a couple of hours for a free PC...

Stick with it.  The team there are actually really good but they are short staffed.  Once you get through try to be nice and you will get a really good response from them.  I have had some difficult issues in the past with them and they have been really good and really helpful.  

Take a deep breath and eat chocolate whilst you are on hold. 

Same problem here - is it possible to get a full resident's permit if I go down in person?  Online it says post and email only but the email thing wouldn't accept my credit card and I am now blocked from applying with a different card as computer says I already have a permit.  No answer on the phone aghgh

You won't have grounds to appeal.
We got a new car over the Christmas period and could not get a parking permit despite going in person, emailing and calling over a two week period (we still don't know if the offices were closed for holiday or short staffed).
We got a ticket on 2nd Jan., which is also the day the permit office finally got back to us.
I appealed and got a patronising response rejecting the appeal saying all our efforts were irrelevant because we didn't have a permit and one is required to park outside our house. It said it was our responsibility not to park without a permit even if we had tried our best to get one (and our history showed we always applied for permits immediately).
So, no, you would not be able to appeal a ticket.



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