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I know they've been all over North London for years, but a flock seems to have moved into Railway Fields this winter and their infernal squawking every morning is horrible!

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I've heard the odd squawk up in Warham but never spotted them. You should seee the flocks on Hampstead Heath (some with Budgie hangers on)

Yes, like foxes, these creatures are adorable until theyre annoying the hell out of you! 

...and until they come onto your allotment eating anything green. If only they could be taught a new tune as they look beautiful in the sunshine against a clear blue sky.

They also taste very nice.

I've known of them being culled in Málaga a few times.

I believe one is legally allowed to shoot them.

Ben, I am reminded of the incident when members of the Clash were arrested for shooting pigeons on the roof of the Roundhouse....but I do believe its legal on private land ie farmland

I've actually just caught Ben in Pater Noster Square where he was admiring the Falconry used to keep the Pigeons under control (not completely true).

Get back to work!
I grow herbs in my garden, someone get my gun..

You can often see them in Finsbury Park during the warmer months. Not usually a fan of 'invasive species', but they are a colourful addition :)

I'm amazed Boris, Gove, Farage etc never included them in their plans. Free Movement of Parakeets should go hand in hand with Free Movement of Málaga-type Services. We cannot go on being a pushover for every invasive species on the grounds that they're a colourful addition. Good God, you'll have Irish Will o'the Wisps, May-Goats and Banshees swarming in here in no time if this is your approach to Brexit.

And Irish pigeons too...



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