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Oxford Street to be pedestrianised by 2020 ... so Wightman Rd ...

 ... can surely be closed to through traffic in the future, as it currently is during the bridge works. If the planners can deal with the re-routing of all those buses and taxi journeys away from Oxford Street for the pedestrianisation plans, it must be possible to do this for Wightman Road as well.

Living Wightman would do well to have a chat with the new Mayor's office.

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Ant.  This is the email I sent to you about 30 mins ago. I am not sure where you think I said we did not want to say... I am (and the main authors are) more than happy for you (or anyone else for that matter) to see the document, but as I said below, it is not in a state that is felt ready for wider circulation, it needs polishing- the issue Ant, is that everyone is a critic and the authors want to get it right.

"Hey. Sorry for being slow in responding. I have not been one of the primary authors and so I wanted to check with them the status re circulation. Julia is primarily in control of the document but she has indicated it needs some polishing prior to wider circulation- which will happen once Julia is back from holiday. 

In the mean time I am happy for you to have sight of it at my house so you can get a feel for its contents if you would like to see if before Julia makes it publically available.

It is, of course, a living document and any constructive feedback is most welcome.

Let me know if you want to drop by."

I've been asking for some days and you didn't send that email till after I posted here just above now, and anyway, how can you have sent it to the council already if you're not prepared to show it to the people you claim to represent?

Just show us what you sent to the council already.

Ant. Remarkably some of have lives and have been busy enjoying what precious sun we have been seeing while it lasts.

As I said the principal author has suggested the document need further work. It's a fair question as to why it was sent prior to being disceminated. I believe this was more to do with the fact that one of the key requests is to keep Wightman closed until the Traffic Study reports reports back in December. Nothing top secret there, it was on all the petitIons many of us have signed. In order to do this though the timing of the descision could not wait until late August and it has to be considered now, and hence it was sent prior to the lead author going on holiday. It is not optimal but a document worked on hard by a multiple authors in their spare time will inevitably have areas that are felt require improvement as once it is out there it is out there. Hence the reluctance to share electronically.

Without trying to be petty I should note I sent you my email at 21:27 and you posted at 21:35. Sometimes that happens but I would repeat my offer to you and anyone else who feels the need to see the document to take a look at ok at my home. I will even make you a cuppa.

Without trying to be petty

- it does seem petty though, I've asked for days about this to you and Living Wightman and you only acknowledge that now after Matt and Jessica posted to HoL about it. You now say I can come see it at you house at 9:45am tomorrow and I can take notes and photos but you'd prefer I don't share those. That seems very petty for a something thats already been submitted to the council by the LCSP on behalf of Ladder residents.

So Justin, can you please tell us when we get to see the report submitted by Living Wightman to the Council....? If it's sufficiently complete to submit, it's sufficiently complete for the rest of us to see it, wouldn't you say? I was going to submit an FOI request to the Council for it but I'd rather not have to waste Council officer time.

It will be published soon, remember I did say that it is being prepared by folks who are (for the most) doing this in their spare time. So a bit of breathing space and patience is most welcome from you all.

Won't be long, I am sure it will be worth the wait.

In the mean time I am happy to extend my invite for a cuppa and a draft to review if anyone feels it imperative they satisfy themselves as to the document's contents. So far, after a lot of fuss, no one has take me up on this.

I agree with Jessica. Maybe its ok for Living Wightman to submit proposals without showing their supporters as they have been clear about what their aims are, but the LCSP is claiming to represent all of the Ladder, umbrella'ing over all other Ladder groups, so there is an obligation to share what they're doing and get feed back on proposals _before_ submitting them to the council. Could that at least happen now in the future Justin if its too late with this one?

Jessica. We previously have put shouts out for people to join the LCSP group- and indeed when we have our next meeting I will do so again to see if any members wish to attend. We are stronger for it if people who want to constructively engage and share their ideas work together. If anyone is willing to spend their time helping actively contribute to a Ladder community response in their spare time and get engaged, they are more than welcome to join us.

I have also said I am open to anyone who wishes to call me or email me as to what we are doing and I regularly feedback at the regular LCSP meeting- the minutes of which contain notes on what I have feedback and are circulated to the membership. Jessica, you know me, you have my phone number, you know where I live. I utterly reject your assertion that you have no idea what is going on. Sometimes it is up to you to inform yourself- call me if you have a question, please do not shout into the internet and make out like I am acting like some kind of black box, unwilling to share. I do this in my spare time, after I work for a living and have cared for my kids. I do not have all day to sit waiting for a question on HoL so I can satisfy you, Ant and Antoinette.  Call me!

As to the document, there is nothing hush hush, there are no secret plans to cast everything north of Frobisher among the Sodomites (Ant!), we simply want to catch all the spelling errors and formatting and other polishing that creep in when more than one person works on a shared document in their spare time.

I am not sure what you feel yourself not allowed to do Jessica, apart from one message a day or so ago, you and I have had no communication on this topic. My door is always open to you! You know that.

Hi Justin, what do you think about suggesting to the council that we need another Ladder group to be on the council's traffic steering group if your group is so pressed for time?

In the meantime, if you've seriously not the time to keep informed the various people and groups which the council says your traffic group represents then let me volunteer to be your traffic group secretary and I can do that for you.

Lets separate the two issues here guys.

The Document:

It will be released to wider circulation when we feel it is ready. I do not think that is unreasonable. All we have asked for is a little breathing space.


What I do-I report to the LCSP membership (as a body), and I make myself available to scrutiny under appropriate circumstance to any member or fellow Harringay resident (on either side of Green Lanes).

What I do not do- respond to demands by (3) users of HoL because they feel they have a  grievance that I have tried very hard to respond reasonably to. Hop up and down as much as you like guys...

If anyone has a problem with anything I have done feel free to bring it up in the appropriate forum, and vote me off/stand yourself and make yourselves accountable.

BTW. Does anyone know who the defender of democratic virtue J.Talyor (or is is S.Hartwright) is...


It will be released to wider circulation when we feel it is ready.

Who is "we", and how do we get to be included in that? I'm an LCSP member and Ladder resident may I be included in the discussion around it please?

And I'm not accusing you, I'm offering to help.

It would appear that the whatdotheyknow.com requester has reinstated their FOI request to Haringey Council for a copy of the submitted version of the report.  The Council now have until 26th August to come up with a response.  If consulted, I do hope that LCSP or whoever it was who submitted the report does not attempt to frustrate the release of the document under FOI, because I would consider that highly suspicious.  For me, the copy that was submitted to the Council is the only version that matters, so that's what I will wait to see.



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