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Hi, all,

I am wondering if someone can shed a light on the purpose of the silver barrior appearing on the overpath for Harringay Station just by the platform entrances/exits.  It seems like to me it is only making more conjestions at the entry points by narrowing the path; it gets busy there particularly as people quere up for machines in the morning...

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Thanks, John, keep searching by "Harringay Station" and I never managed to find a relevant one.

Best way to search the site is to use the Google search box - bottom left main page. Gives you a site specific Google search.

Thanks, a good tip.  I will try that next time.

The trouble with both the HOL search and the Google search is the results do not come up in date/time order. So the one you are looking for could be on the last page.

To be fair, probably it did come up on the instances of my term search, but it is probably buried in deep end somewhere like you say.  I just could not be bother to look in any more than several pages of the search results.



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