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Over £300m insourced after Islington's Fairness Commission - could that happen here?

The final report of our Fairness Commission is due 'Autumn 2019'.

According to this syrupy Grauniad puff, insourcing is returning and Islington's Fairness Commission led to >£300m of it there. Anyone remember the 1980's term for Council in-house services  - the DLO (Direct Labour Organisation)?

Were more insourcing in Haringey to happen here as a result of our Fairness Commission, could there first be a benchmark established as to how much cash our Council is losing by not insourcing today?

Then we could maybe more objectively compare £ for £ whether new in-house services saved money and gave people better, healthier jobs at which they were more productive and took less sick leave from.

It might lead to less automatic 'hating' on the council as being 'useless' etc. Hard to measure objectively, but maybe it would be step towards a more cohesive community

One where the Council is able to more easily demonstrate is actually does help orchestrate community resources effectively, so that local people are more motivated to get involved steering it to best advantage? 

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