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I am sooooo frustrated with the council's new online parking voucher tool. First of all, it's actually a separate website with a different log-in despite looking very similar to the original council website. For some reason, I can never get my password to work. I have to keep requesting a new one. Last night, all of my requests failed and my partner ended up with a ticket this morning. 

Using the website makes me so incredibly frustrated, I've never experienced such a terrible interface! It makes me feel like a complete luddite... and I have a Masters and PhD in computer science. If I struggle to use it, what does that mean for others???

Anyway... Does anyone know how to get in touch with them about the site? Do I really just have to email them? How incredibly annoying.

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Bee, this is now one of three separate, unintegrated Council service/payment websites, all needing different passwords and log-ins, none of them connected to each other, and all run by different people (Haringey, Taranto and Crapita from memory). I share your frustration — further post above.

This system is another ridiculous thing haringey has done. It is difficult to access, I can’t, and what about elderly vulnerable people who cannot use a computer or internet phone. They should stop these virtual permits altogether and revert back. Secondly how many people will park without a permit? I was told that wardens will only scan and check random cars. So if in a street there are say 50 cars they will only check a a few. How many will then be missed it will be like pot luck. Ridiculous  and the council as usual doesn’t listen to residents. 

Nick, it's another ridiculous thing which Haringey leadership must swiftly step-in  and FIX.

This leadership is worse then the last. Bring in mayor type leaders where the people can vote them out

I also have been unable to use Haringey website, but I do have some visitors parking permits to spare, covering Lancaster Road zone. Any payment will go to Shelter charity.

We have a paper permit which expire in July next year. The new online system says we are 'ineligible to buy visitor parking permits'. It tells me I need to go through 'Resident qualification', but I there is no way to do that! 

I have sent two contact form submisions asking how to qualify as a resdident - zero response. ]

Deeply frustrating.

I had the same issue, after several weeks, the council replied with links to 10 minutes of videos to watch, rather than simply providing the answer. Actually there is a link hidden further down on the main page after you’ve logged in, to apply for resident qualification. You need to upload proof of name and address, eg. copy of driving license. Then you can purchase permits. 

They also have no plans for a mobile app, and this is 2021. 

Mind you, qualifying for an OAP discount for visitor permits is even harder, as they’ve never heard of a Freedom Pass (which of course you can only get if you’ve passed all the same eligibility requirements) and try to insist on your sending passport or driving licence — just for visitor passes, mind you, not a residents’ one — even if you were already registered as a senior cit on the previous database (which, of course, they couldn’t be bothered to transfer across to the new system). Dreadful mindless bureaucracy.



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