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What's Harringay going to be seeing live next year?

Care to share if you failed or succeeded with your ticket application and what you got if you're one of the lucky ones?

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Two cheapies for the early athletics heats - will give them to my son and a friend.

There was a kerfuffle because I had given them the wrong expiry date for my card. It took about twenty phone calls over a week before I could get through to the helpline to change the details, I was on the point of giving up!

No. Not a sausage. Now debating whether to take up their exciting and exclusive offer of first dibs on the tickets that nobody else wanted, starting 6am tomorrow .... hmmm.
Mens Hockey - two tickets for £30 so am pretty chuffed to have at least got something. Most folk I know missed out on all the events they applied for.

From Twitter:

(Basketball's a nice one for a Harringaeite to have since we hosted the 1948 basketball here).
Cheap tickets for showjumping - but I missed out on diving and synchronised swimming . . . better than nowt . . .
lucky you. I went in for showjumping, and the cross country and showjumping days of the three day event and got nothing :(
I went for various parts of the eventing too, plus cycling and pentathlon. Got nothing :-(
A nice selection coming in! Keep 'em rolling along.
Gymnastics - women's team final - and hockey - premlininary round.
Not a sausage
Tennis! Unbelievably missed out on hockey...



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