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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Nice classy view for me this morning as I went to catch the bus.
Now what could have happened here?
Someone lost on the Fixed Odds Betting Terminals?
The favourite at the 4.15 at Newmarket not romp home after all?

Oh dear, what can the matter be?

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I saw that. I want to thank the person who did this. I have been wanting to do similar. The more trouble they get the better. Bugger off, we don;t want you here.

Maybe it was the chaps over the road at Ladbrokes. Or Metrobet. Or William Hill. Or Betterbet. Or BetBetBet. Or BetNow. Or PopinandBet. I wonder what the odds are.

The evil betting shop wars have begun.

Does anyone know if Betfred reported it to the police?


If they, as I suspect, have a policy of not reporting these little matters then surely we can all have some fun smashing windows, no?

yeahhhh! Let's all go out and smash betting shop windows! And celebrate with a drink afterwards.


..am I going to get arrested now...?

Can you hang on till 6pm Saturday?




Yep! I'll be around...:D

and.... later that day there was a to-do at another betting shop further down near Mattison Road. Cant remember the name of it.... duh, the Betaloser betting shop??

A fight I think, around 4.00pm when I passed by. Loads of angry men on the street outside and the doors closed. so many men hanging around looking like they wanted to kill someone. Havent these guys got jobs to go to or something else to do? 

They are addicted to gambling... Very sadly so for their families.
yep, and these were youngish guys as well. Wonder if this incident was reported anywhere.
Probably not.. and if they were addicted to drugs or alcohol they would not be allowed to hang around in great big groups on our high street, so why is angrym uneployed gambling addicts any better? Just as intimidating for the rest of us.

They were very unhappy at being thrown out of the place and wanting to get back in. They should be rounded up and put into teams to help clean up the streets and parks and do good works... ha! I know, I am a dreamer...  We should start monitoring any such incidents and then we can build up a body of evidence that these places cause social unrest. 


The machines pay out in a such a way that you need to sit at your machine waiting for the inevitable payback, especially once you've put half your loot into it.



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