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On Tuesday 13th December 2022 at 930ish a man entered my garden and started to fiddle around with my plant pot. I went out later to see what he had done and I found three apples placed on top of three digestive biscuits. There were two red apples and one green apple

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I have a satsuma and some long green peppers arranged artistically in my window box this morning. Perhaps Banksy has taken a new direction? 

It's very odd behaviour. I initially thought this could be a marker for potential thieves. Do you have a picture by any chance? 

I don't think thieves give you a heads up that they are going to burgle you. It seems like it's just a prank or perhaps an art statement! 

It's been going on for ages - someone picks up fruit that has been thrown out by the shops on Green Lanes and redistributes it artistically in gardens and plant tubs. It's rather annoying, especially when you have to dispose of chunks of watermelon. I wonder if they are trying to make a point about food waste?!

In summer, I left a polite note asking them to please stop doing it, and they did.

Ah yes, we get this a lot on mattison road. Very strange  and very funny 

This happened to us a few times, we called the police as we were concerned.  It turns out he's just someone with some health issues. We followed him home and asked why he was doing it but he couldn't give an answer. If you are worried you can call the neighbourhood policing team who know all about him. Hopefully he will get some help.

Thank you all for the replies. 

@lokididit do you have a rough description of the man involved? 

White, Early 30s with a beard. I think he has either brown or blonde short hair. 

You remind me of a man, what man? man of power, what power? Vodoo. Who do? You do? What? Remind me of a man. 

Hmm, Labyrinth?

You could always make a Devonshire apple cake.

I have raised this with the police and have a case number. They said they would go and talk to him (I gave the police his address as I chased him up once). I've given the police photos and even the videos caught by the camera.

I just sent the police a follow up email with the photo of the fruit and tea bags that the guy's placed in our window box last evening!



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