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'NO' to Ending free bulky waste collections and closing the recycling centre

Haringey's current budget proposals will see the end of free bulky and green waste collections and the closure of one of the recycling centres.

These changes are likely to spell real trouble in this borough. It will inevitably lead to a significant increase in dumping with the poorest areas being hardest hit.

Research has shown that introducing a charge can lead to a drop in demand for collections of 50-75% on previous levels. Fly-tipping will increase as a result.

An alternative approach to introducing a collection charge would be to limit or reduce the number of items accepted for free, and/or the number of free collections allowed per year.

An alternative to closing the recycling centre would be to control who uses the centre and make a small charge as appropriate.

The cabinet meets to decide on this issue in two weeks' time. Whilst the consultation is now closed you can still email the cabinet member responsible (peray.ahmet@haringey.gov.uk) and copy your councillor.

Budget proposals: http://www.haringey.gov.uk/local-democracy/policies-and-strategies/...

Survey (CLOSED 22 JAN): http://www.haringey.gov.uk/survey/budget-2017-18

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Thanks for posting this Hugh, I urge as many people as possible to send their views to Cllr Ahmet as possible. The problems with dumping rubbish are well know to all of us, not least through the pages of HoL. If this cut goes ahead the outcome will be horrendous.

Thanks Hugh. I suggest we may need to reread J.K. Galbraith's discussion of "Private affluence and public squalor.

I sincerely hope you are wrong about the likely impact of these cuts. But I suspect you may be right. The Kober regime may shortly find there's not enough money to keep our streets clean. With - as you say - "increase in dumping, with the poorest areas being hardest hit".

Of course it's accurate when the Council blames the Government for cutting cash to local councils. But doesn't excuse the Council's absurd priorities. A large Propaganda Team. Millions wasted on lawyers and consultants to prepare the HDV (Housing Destruction Vehicle). Even when they have a well intentioned idea - like the Move51 Letting Agency - they mess-up. 
But there's always always money for a pointless vanity project: JoeGo Logos; starchitects; yet more trips to Cannes. Anything which provides an opportunity for another selfie for an ambitious councillor to puff themselves up.

Myabe they haven't factored in the extra crime increase from adding to the broken window syndrome of having corners of streets and front gardens that look like Baghdad?

It's also an odd move if you are trying to attract property investment in the area? It suggests that must be in the bag.

I thought there already wasn't enough money to keep the streets clean, which is why they aren't cleaned more than once a week...

What was the proposal for the alternative to the recycling centres?  Where are people supposed to take the stuff they can't put in the bins?  I didn't even know there was a consultation on this. 

My thoughts exactly - how come we haven't heard about this? Actually I thought there was a charge for bulky waste already. But how will the council fulfil its recycling obligations if they close the recycling centre?

Katie K posted about this a couple of weeks ago. I missed it and/or was left cold/unconvinced by the idea of another consultation. Many of us will just have been too busy to notice.

So for one reason or another it gets missed until it's too late. It's not yet too late to still to make views known. So I'm trying to flag the issue up to those who are interested.

Links added in original post.

Thanks!  I've read the 'rubbish' document, and they're only closing one of the recycling centres, not both of them.  The one on Western Road will remain open and there are apparently others within North London that you can use (news to me) and a new one will be built in Edmonton in 2020. 

There are lots of other things they're going to do too - reduce the amount of leaf-sweeping, make graffiti clearing reactive rather than proactive, charge for replacement wheelie bins and stop supplying pink bags to people in flats above shops.  It wasn't clear what the alternative for those people was.  Just dumping their rubbish loose on the pavement perhaps. 

The Parkview road recycling centre is quite difficult to access via the one way system and not very large, so maybe they're looking to improve things :)

I've sometimes used Islington's giant recycling centre near Holloway Road, and  one in Enfield which used to recycle paint before Haringey. Nobody checks where you live.

I don't own a car and so rely collections and on a centre that is close to where I live. I do compost but certain laregr cutting are too bulky or not appropriate for the heap.

But I may just change 'sides' and start dumping too.

We should organise a mass demonstration and all start doing this on the major roads to draw attention to the issue.

Organising my own personal Brexit.

Same here JJB. I suppose l will just have to pay for the collections (anyone know how much??) when we need them but I can see why some will be unwilling or unable to do so.

What a horrendously backward move. I honestly can't even imagine the situation being worse than it already is.

I knew nobody read my posts :(



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