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If the proposers of Crouch End have their way, the A1201 by the clocktower will have one of its forks blocked in order to create a new "town square".

I'm all for town squares anywhere. but it does look to me that this proposed scheme will create a significant hurdle for buses and reduce traffic flow on a key 'A' road. 

The plans follow the announcement earlier in the year that Haringey won the initial stage of TfL’s liveable Neighbourhoods programme. They now have £1.25m to develop the proposals and are looking at a pot worth £5.8 million if everything comes together. I hope part of the initial funding is spent on an impact assessment at least as stringent as the one imposed on the recent Wightman proposals and covering just as wide an area, if not wider. 

The Crouch End Forum have put forward a proposal which includes the 'Waitrose Square'. Full proposal attached.

Looking to our East and then to our West, one has to wonder whether there aren't other areas more in need of £6m than Crouch End. As much as I love the old girl, it's not the area most in need of, as the Council put it, "proposals to improve cyclist and pedestrian conditions ", nor, as the Crouch End Forum claim, the one in need of an injection of life into the high street. 

When there's very limited funds, the Council needs to search its conscience about where the funds are directed. So, all eyes on the new administration to see where their priorities truly lie.

As for Harringay, we'd be well advised to keep an eye on the possible impact on our neighbourhood. 

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I do believe that our MP very eloquently described this phenomenon many years ago (but can't find the quote!). THIS is why I am not a fan of Friends groups and Neighbourhood Forums, it's just a way of the well organised getting something that in a fair process, they wouldn't.

I also don't see where the busses would be impacted, they can just do a left turn past the clock tower.

I may be wrong, but it looks to me like a pretty tight turn for large vehicles round the north of that clocktower. And how many lanes would they need heading out of Park Road. Currently there are 2/3. I'd have thought two would be the minimum, no?

Build more roads/lanes, get more traffic.

I'm all for this, it's a shame that going by the various Facebook groups over there they were all so frothing bloody mad that we might get something on Wightman Rd and vociferously opposed it.

The Council may well agree (unless the traffic in question in using Wightman Road).

There's a very nice town square already in front of the Town Hall ( as was )

There is but it's just been sold along with the town hall. Although it's status is supposedly protected, I guess only time will tell.

Haven't read the details yet but in principle I support this provided appropriate measures are taken to prevent increased rat-running - especially on the Ladder roads.

What would a change in Crouch End have to do with rat running on the ladder? There is a railway in between.

The council gave increased traffic on Crouch End's A-roads as a reason not to protect Harringay's residents from rat-running by introducing modal filtering on Wightman Road.

Now that Crouch End's car-dominated town centre is being targeted for measures to promote walking and cycling, I'd like some reassurance that Harringay won't be subject to even more rat-running. 


I hope this won't force more traffic onto the already badly congested A10!

Let's not talk about the really bad job that was done in Seven Sisters when the giratory was returned to 2 way traffic but protected pedestrian crossings were taken away, planters were removed and given over to so called segrgated cycle lanes, extra traffic lanes were added, to a stretch of road where north and south of it there are only 2 x 2 lanes! They've given a racing stretch to wankers, reduced the public amenity and just ticked a few boxes instead of really making this into a great promenade to enhance the Historic corridor. Piece meal thinking at its best.

We are ruled by philistines and I do not know if the 'new regine' will be any better given that many of the same faces are still there!



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