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Went to Seven Sisters' new sushi bar, Kinome, recently and wasn't very impressed, to be honest.

It's quite fancy pretty food but over-flavoured and much too salty. It's like bar snacks but the problem with that is they've not got booze. Also they're doing something wrong with the vinegared rice, it just doesn't taste like the real thing. I've spoken to several Japanese people who say the same as me.

Philip Lane already has SushiHeads, and the sushi there is something special, so I don't really see the point of these new characters up the other end of the street. Somebody said they're just a pop-up... I'd not be that devastated if they popped back down again!

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How odd. Tangentially related to this…

Yesterday, I popped in to the dreadful Tesco’s on the High Road in 7 Sisters and there was a recently opened Yo Sushi counter. I gather they are counting on the food delivery app businesses to get their product out to customers. I don’t see the Tesco’s demographic as making the place viable.

Does Yo Sushi have some kind market intelligence to say that Sushi is in high demand in Tottenham?

Yeah that Tesco sure is a miserable old place. Although perhaps this new venture can be taken as a sign that they are tuning over a new leaf, and we can look forward to them proudly displaying a Michelin star over their portals..

There are two sushi places just up the high road too - I haven't tried either as SushiHeads is closer (especially as I moved from WGR to Philip Lane yesterday!)

I think perhaps sushi is finally having a "moment" here in the UK. In New Zealand where I'm from you can get half decent sushi in every shopping centre and I was surprised it wasn't as available when I moved here 15 years ago.

Yes, I've heard New Zealand and Aus are very good for sushi. Good quality stuff used to be hard to come by here but that's changing, even in Seven Sisters:)

Hope the move went well


Have to say that im not sure all the negativity is warrranted.

First I would take a sushi place over a chicken shop anyway in our area.

Reason for no booze is because they are leasing the restaurant on trial thus no license can be given. Also it't the reason why they picked the location. Potentially they will move to a nicer location.

Sushiheads is very nice indeed, but its not the same aim. 

Now depending on what you are used to I can understand why people would consider the food a bit dainty. But our experience last weekend left us with 'Finally' feeling. Personally the area need places that 'try' a bit harder.

I'm really looking forward to going there. Probably sooner rather than later as I've only managed to unpack the breakfast things in my new flat so far! (And haven't found the tea towels yet)

For what it's worth, the reviewers on Google seem to really like it - https://goo.gl/maps/iZtPsdY9toyoGrr29 (although I'm always very cautious giving too much weight to online restaurant reviews),

Yes, they look like good reviews on the face of it. It's not my cup of tea, but hey fusion Japanese cuisine ain't something you saw a lot of in Tottenham 10 or 20 years ago! And it must be a scary time to open a new reataurant, so in a new-found spirit of generosity I send Kinome my official best wishes!

I can whole heartedly recommend it, It feels like "London" class on the food (but that is just my opinion) based on our visit last Saturday night where they were also full so could recommend booking a table.

Well, it was constructive criticism - mostly :)

It just offended me somehow, I guess, the way they seem to be tweaking sushi into something it's not. I've spent a lot of time in Japan, and suppose I'm a bit of a purist for these things. 

Thanks for the info, anyway. 

Really not sure why you chose such wording, even if you disliked the food. I understand it's not pure Japanese, but fusion and a different thing than Sushi heads. Our neighbours highly recommended it and we'll certainly try it very soon. I for one am glad it opened as a difference to Kebap and chicken.

Sorry, was possibly being a bit too feisty in my orig comment. Just that I - possibly wrongly - think of myself as knowing quite a bit about this, and also I'm a Sushiheads devotee, and still think they're hard to beat if you're looking for the real McCoy. 

So maybe your Kinome-loving neighbours should consider signing up for some kind of taste bud re-education programme! Only joking!



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