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...tasteful and impressive, but I was wondering when the rest of the work will be completed on the piazza. Piles of unused granite are fenced off around the trees and rubbish is being dumped in the empty planters. And was there going to be a big illuminated something or other on top of the Salisbury or did I dream that one? I note all the negative comments made on previous posting on the piazza so far, but it would be good to know when and how it will be finished, if anyone has the information. Cheers!

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My recollection from earlier posts     [please correct...]      is that the Salisbury coronet lighting is in negotiation with the Planning dept. As for overall progress, there have been posts objective and posts subjective on here for some months already.

Completion? Look out for a sighting of Boris Johnson on Green Lanes (it last happened a few months ago) for some sort of consummation               , because it's GLA money that funded this project, I understand.

Thank god they didn't repeat the orange sainsbury's style font colouring.

Is that planter now going to be left empty till the spring? (if that is indeed what it is?). 

You mean the ashtray?
Just to remind you
The GLSG which was made up of representatives from the 3 main residents groups and the Green Lanes Traders Assoc with support from Harringay and St Ann's Ward Councillors, commissioned designers, and put forward the bid to the outer London Fund ( OLF) , not the Council or others,
Due to constant criticism and harassment the group decided to break up after many years of hard work turning the area around.
Sadly due to the break of the GLSG there are no official meetings or progress updates
Which is why this is a disjointed delivery now and there is a lack of information.

Andy ex GLSG rep for the GRA

It wasn't just criticism and please don't be so insensitive as to bandy the "H" word about online. You told Hugh that the name of the area was never discussed at meetings, it became apparent when Ant finally got the minutes that you mis-remembered.

You were desperately trying to ensure that you did not hand power on the GLSG to Ali Gul Ozbek and found the task impossible so disbanded. I'm sorry you're so bitter about this and I can't say I wouldn't be in your position either.

John - who attended a GLSG meeting once only to be yelled at by Shef for several minutes in front of all present and wondered about the other meetings.

Sorry John this is not true and the discussions we had in the final GLSG meeting were that we were totally exhausted with the constant harassment and criticism as the statement submitted by the group.
The people decide our Cllrs who we as local organisations have to work with through the ballet box, and the group folded before any election anyway?

I'm trying to point out in my first message that sadly there is a lack of local input or co- ordination as we now have no overall local body to oversee it.


Which is not true?

If you really do think that "The people decide our Cllrs who we as local organisations have to work with through the ballet box" then you are naive in the extreme. The Labour Party decide our councillors in selection meetings and well you know it.

The paving comes with fat stains already applied ?

Grouch of the week award, John.

Thank you Hugh. I shall treasure it

It will sit on the mantelpiece next to my Meldrew.

That looks really good!



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