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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

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I like the second shot, which you'd added as an attachment. I've now added that one inline too. 

Thanks Hugh,

I obviously missed the correct way to do that !!

Serene indeed but I gather from the swan rescue people that swans can be very nasty to each other. One adult swan that got trapped in my garden seems to have taken refuge from other swans.  It couldn't be persuaded to go back into this very stretch of the river while its enemies were still there.

I mention this now because on Friday last I found a dead swan in my garden just over the fence from where your group of three were adorning the river.  It was full sized, not fully fledged and had no apparent injuries so I suppose it died of stress.

Sad indeed, I noticed only the one signet (sygnet) , generally 2 or 3 more survive but maybe North London is too stressful , although some years ago I had a flat on Pemberton Road, Garden flat , bedroom windows opened directly onto the New River and swans regularly nested outside , hatching 5 or 6 chicks. 

One would have thought a nearly fully grown swan would fend off potential diners, as you say , they can be fierce. I have taken to strolling around the lakes/reservoirs over Tottenham wetlands way and swans seem to be thriving there.

Swan attack, Cotswolds

Tim, Latin clue: cycnus 

Well then, that Grammar School education and compulsory Latin in the first year fell on deaf ears, I stand corrected. A  word I have never had the need to spell, or say, but, rest assured, should the occasion arise, I will be prepared. However "signet" does have a certain ring to it, don't you think ?   No excuse for poor spelling though.

Thank you.

"Signet" was the answer to a cryptic crossword question I solved this week that had ring in the clue

It's all Greek to me.

Ah Gordon, that would be kúknos or kyknos. Greek script not available.

So sad. I saw a brood learning to fly in Finsbury Park last week so maybe it got injured? Are there any overhead cables?

No cables nearby although there are trees and Thames Water's large overhead gantry.  Perhaps it did fly into the garden and then discovered there was no way out.  Even an experienced adult swan needs a longish runway to get airborne and I have never seen one take off from our side of the fence.  The young casualty couldn't have been in the garden for more than a few hours so it couldn't have simply starved.  That's why I suggested stress.



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