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The shop-fitting looks just about done. Time to say goodbye to our real post office.

I'm informed that 17th April will be the last day odf operation for the old Post Office.

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Where is it Hugh?

In what used to be Paul Simon's second shop. It has sat empty for years.

Where?? Near Turnpike Lane station or towards St. Ann's Road?

Green Lanes between Chesterfield and Roseberry Gardens


What kind of kebabs will the old one start selling?

I was just wondering that as well Penguin.... 

I can't work out how this is saving money, since presumably theya re now paying commercial rent for their space,which they previously owned(?).

Will there be the same experienced and helpful staff, do you know?

I also can't work that out. Apparently, from what Hugh and others said a few weeks back, the same staff won't be working in the new PO.... a great loss to the community. They were always so helpful and friendly. 

I thought that the new operation will be a franchise so presumably the franchisee pays the rent, not Royal Mail. I've found the staff at the Turnpike Lane franchised PO to be helpful and friendly too.

Good to know that John D. Cheered me up a bit!

When they announced the transfer of Crown offices to shop-based ones in 2013, Post Office Counters Ltd felt they’d save £40m. I’m sure the franchisees think they have a good chance of turning a good profit too. 



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