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To cut a very long email short, below are the major changes. No start date is given.

  • A £10 increase across all existing parking permit charge bands.
  • An £80 surcharge on all parking permits issued to diesel fuelled vehicles – including a 25% diesel surcharge on on-street and car park charges
  • A £50 surcharge on second and additional resident parking permits per household.
  • To limit permit account holders to the use of two daily visitor permits per day.
  • Increased charge for daily Visitor Permits in all Controlled Parking Zones to £4.
  • To introduce a free virtual residential parking permit for Disabled Blue Badge Holders for their home CPZ, replacing the existing Companion Badge.
  • To introduce a £20 administration fee on parking permit refunds except for visitor parking permits which will not be-refundable.

There's been quite a few posts on HoL about refunds for expired visitor parking permits. Belwo is the councils' resposne to objection to the policy of not refunding them. It includes a staement to say they'll be ointroducing virtual visitor permits - that should solve the problem.

Visitors’ permits are often purchased in large quantities because of their relatively low cost. Residents subsequently request a refund on unused permits or those expiring. As charges for those permits are relatively low, the cost of processing refunds often exceeds the value. The Council will be replacing the current scratch card (visitor) permits with virtual permits through the new IT system.

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Is the council IT system up to virtual permits?

Are the 2020 expiry ones still valid or did the extension expire end of June? 

See here

This article from last summer suggests that they were planning to introduce these hikes in November 2020 but have delayed until now. So I imagine they will take effect very shortly.

Probaby best to buy a few more visitor permits now before they a) go up in price and b) become impossible to access  - remember the mess when they introduced online applications in the first place.

Who's Council waste a Fortune to increase length of Disable Bays. Even when majority do not need extra length 

Not forget that they do Not pay for bays or Parking 

We have just received notification today that not only are companion badges being phased and replaced with a free permit for your specific CPZ instead of the borough but you can no longer have a nominated driver.

I was a nominated driver and I live at the same address as my father who is disabled. He is unable to drive and therefore the car is in my name and this was his only way of transport. 

The companion badge was introduced to prevent the theft of blue badges being stolen from cars. I am not happy about leaving the blue badge on display outside our home in my car for the windows to be broken. 

Shame on the Haringey council for this change and making life even more difficult for my elderly father 

Please contact Cllr Seema. I’m starting a thread about this as we have been debating this on Twitter and need input. 

Thank you Nick for the contact detail . I have now contacted Cllr Seema and Catherine West. They are both looking into this .

Fingers crossed it will be sorted 

Virtual resident and visitor parking permits, only, from August 2021 and we'll all need to re-register.  From the four-page flyer I received today - note the words I've emboldened:

"From August 2021 you will be able to apply for a virtual resident parking permit on our website, as and when your existing paper parking permit is due for renewal. You will not need to display a paper parking permit. We will create your permit electronically in our new parking IT system and will know which vehicle registration number is covered by the permit; this information is instantly available to our Civil Enforcement Officers.

To apply for a virtual parking permit, you will need to register onto the Council's new IT system with:

1. Your email address.

2. A valid vehicle registration document (called the V5 or log book) or other acceptable proof.

3. A valid debit or credit card, as you must pay at the same time you apply.

4. Proof of residency (not required if we are able to validate you against either the Haringey electoral register or Haringey Council Tax system).

All existing paper parking permits will remain valid until the expiry date of the permit. We will no longer be sending renewal letters for paper permits, so please ensure you make a note of your permit expiry and apply for a new permit in good time. Once you have a virtual permit, you will receive renewal reminders by email.

I can't currently see that this is on Haringey's Parking pages or in their News section, they only document the existing system.

To those whose permits expire in August, or who will have visitors in August and lack visitor permits - GOOD LUCK!

It was probably inevitable that the new IT system wouldn't work and I'm being driven mad by it.

It appears that you now need two separate online accounts with the Council - one for parking permits (including visitor permits, even if, like me, you don't drive and therefore don't have an annual residents' parking permit) and the other for any other council matters.

The two systems don't talk to each other and - naturally - no existing data has been carried over from the old system; moreover, they use incompatible automatic drop-down menus for registering an address, so if a property is split into different flats there are two different ways of identifying it. This matters, because you have to "register" your residence in Haringey before you can even start to buy visitors' permits; supposedly this is cross-referenced automatically, but if the two systems show your address differently, verification fails, meaning you have to supply all manner of paper documents.

Right now it's impossible even to talk to the council's "Customer Services" phone line because the system refuses to put anyone through ("try again later") and cuts calls off instead.

I've paid Council Tax in Haringey for over 30 years and previously had one perfectly workable online account that let me buy vistors' permits as and when I needed. Now I'm expected to start the whole registration process all over again and need two accounts instead of one, on a system that doesn't work. I'm reasonably computer-literate but this ridiculous farrago is impenetrable, irritating beyond belief and seriously disruptive, as I need visitors' permits urgently.

I suspect Haringey have outsourced permit sales to a commercial company (which just badges the website for the council), which is why the two systems aren't linked; it may be more convenient for them, but it certainly isn't serving the residents.



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