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Saw that a new Greek restaurant looks set to open at 559 Green Lanes. Anyone know anything about it? 

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Yeah, its open! We popped in end of last year.

Extremely welcoming and smelt just wonderful, same beautiful charcoal smell that greats you through Greek tavernas on the islands. We had a chicken Gyros which was completely delicious and plentiful. 

Really hope people ACTUALLY go and give it a try, before being put off by the usual winge brigade and their theoretical reveiws. 

Thanks Ben - I'm definitely keen to try! Big fan of Athens Grill on Wightman, but nice to have somewhere on Green Lanes (and somewhere which is better for eating in - I think Athens Grill is takeout/delivery only pretty much).

When you say 'beautiful charcoal smell' do you mean carbon monoxide?

Graham Charnock, if CO had any smell it would not be so dangerous.

No no, im pretty sure it was a beautiful charcoal smell.

Love a bit of Greek. We need more tavernas though. Haringey used to have loads back in the 70s.

When we moved here in 1984 there was a wonderful Greek restaurant near the corner of Warham and Green Lanes.  The lady there would pile lamb kleftico into a big earthenware pot, stick the lid on, wrap it in a tea towel for you to take home and trust you to bring both back.

My kids LOVED that place. They used to make such a fuss of them when we went in and the food was good. 


Meet Ackis and Nafsika - short video from 2012. (It's now Brou's Cellar - the wine bar bit of Brouhaha).

There's a new Greek restaurant on Myddleton Rd N22. To Steki, does great Greek food inc Gyros. Worth a visit.



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