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Just drove past a what looked like a new cafe "Opera" at a glance. 

It looked pretty cool and plan to check it out tomorrow, just wondered if any one was there today and what type of food it had to offer. 

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My judgment is based on what has been said so far, and having frequented most of the establishments in it's supposed peer group I am inclined to uphold my views until I hear otherwise and feel compelled to try it out

@katkos you are basing an opinionthis on what other people think. If 20 people posted they enjoyed it, you would then go in happily? Early comments were that Durazzo was average. It's heaving now after people felt compelled to post. Good on them by not visiting by proxy. GO. IN. Then comment. There's more than one e in judgement too.

I think I saw a tenor banjo in their window this evening?

In my book this constitutes a recommendation.

On closer inspection it is actually a guitar-banjo, not a tenor. The guitar-banjo is an instrument played by guitarists who want the banjo's tonality but don't have the time or inclination to learn a new instrument.

My husband and I went in last Sat eve for a few drinks and we were pretty impressed with the decor, service, cocktails and most of all the live music and the general feel about the place. We didn't eat but we could see some great plates of food coming out. The front of house chap is really nice and you're unlikely to forget him. I would highly recommend a visit, especially as they take cards now. I definitely want to go back to try the food.
We went in for a drink on Tuesday. It was cosy & relaxed while pretty quiet. My red wine was tasty at room temperature & I'll check out the pancakes for brunch sometime soon. Tuesday is open Mic night & there's live music every night. Monday is folk night (go in & chat if you want a spot) & there's a quiz planned for Thursdays. I can't remember the rest but he did tell us the whole week. Someone please direct them to this site!

how I long for the equivalent of a Seasons Kitchen, Old Dairy, Osteria Tufo, Primeur, Stokey Bears etc etc...surely I can not be alone.

The burgers in Bun & Bar are amazing. Always go for the special. Christmas is coming so cranberry and camembert will be back!

I hear ya on Bleeker. One of the best in the world I reckon, hands down. But I look at them as altogether different things and love them both differently. We were so lucky to get Bleeker at the Harringay Market in their infancy.

It’s good! I think it’s going to work out for them mainly because of the location. Salisbury to Opera to Jam in the jar is a nice little bar crawl.

Went in for brunch yesterday as the menu looked slightly different from the other offerings locally. Food was very disappointing, e.g. overcooked eggs, stale 'sourdough'. Plus it was clear almost none of it was home made, quality of ingredients was pretty average which is a shame. Seems like a bad Frankenstein's monster of all the other places with nothing done differently - no reason to revisit sadly!

I went in at the weekend with my son and can see it doing well because of the staff's attitude and the layout. Food can improve and I think they'd appreciate that as feedback. They have Blend and Jam-in-a-Jar as competition so I'm sure they can do better but those places are not cheap.



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