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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Just drove past a what looked like a new cafe "Opera" at a glance. 

It looked pretty cool and plan to check it out tomorrow, just wondered if any one was there today and what type of food it had to offer. 

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We went in, I really like the atmosphere, but the drinks were very expensive in our opinion. Will try it for dinner, they said they will be doing steaks. I think Neil meant to say they are not taking card at the moment :)

Did Hugh attend the opening day, i saw bunting etc outside but it was raining hard and couldnt be bothered getting soaked. Hope it went well and just glad its not another Turkish restaurant. I'm all for a decent stylish cafe. 

He didn't. He didn't know when it was going to be.

sounded like they missed a trick there then.. they need ya promotional skills. 

What number is it?

I didnt see the number - but its the same side as the Salisbury. Between the Pub and Winkworths (if not the next block up towards Green Lanes Station) 

I hope the food is good. I stopped to have a look inside and the person behind the bar was frantically waving for me to come inside, so I ran off. It's absolutely massive. 

Had burgers on Sunday. Really nice and substantial. Wine was a pretty good one at £14.95 a bottle. They have stuff planned (music and beers) and there are little freebies which are nice...

Yes I thought it was like they got Music + Beans, Beans and Barley and Brouhaha and thew them in a jar, shook it up and said 'this is bound to work'. I guess it's the same mindset as all the Kebab places suddenly having ladies cooking Gözleme in the window. 

I would like to know why it's called 'Opera' and why their sign looks like someone drew it with a paint filled fire extinguisher.

Sounds grim and very much like what's already abundant and available on the grand parade..

Paul, you should go in and have a chat with them. Just tried it for lunch, they seem really lovely and open to suggestions and ideas. Lunch food was nice, coffee good, atmosphere really friendly. If they deliver on the pancakes, my children will be devoted customers.

The musical instruments are because they want to be a live music venue.

Apparently they are opening another branch in Dalston at the same time.

P.S. The manager mentioned the spelling mistakes and says they will be rectified.
@kotkas don't judge a place until you've actually been in. That's dumb. And damaging to a new business. They're friendly, only just starting out, all excited about bands and beers. Nothing grim about that.



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