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New brand identity strategy for Haringey

"I am in"


Haringey Councillor
Liberal Democrat Party


update to mark the 'soft launch' (click to enlarge):—

The £20,000 film, The Haringey Story

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You don't know me and I don't know you" . Completely true, Shems.

Which hasn't stopped you making more personal remarks: about my "delusion and arrogance"; and that "I peddle tosh". Also claiming to know better than I do, my supposedly "hidden agenda".

I assume that simply means we disagree. It happens.


When you've finished the personal insults, would you care to answer my serious question ? ( on page 8 )

No John, not until you state whether you, like quite a few people on this thread... work for the council, are an elected member of said council, are a serial council botherer, or just hate them because no one emptied your bins this morning, if it's no to all of the above, then maybe we can enter into some honest discourse. I'm sorry if you see my previous posts as 'personal insults', I just don't like hypocrisy...

I am none of the above. Go ahead.

A reminder of our house rules especially 2(b) "Play the ball, not the man"

I'm not convinced John... Having looked at some of the staggering 4,000 plus posts you've made on HoL, you strike me as just as bigger 'wind-up merchant as me'... No good could possibly come of it. So excuse me, as there are some fish over in the councils' barrel that need shooting.

Ah, so you're a "wind-up merchant"?  I was beginning to wonder.

Expect the best; be prepared for the worst.

I'll be anything you want me to be Alan... Anything other than a thin skinned politician that is. Robust discourse with the occasional insult (which I'm glad to say you're getting better at) is the bed rock of British politics , at least that was what I was brought up to think. Churchill was the master at it. So just following in a time honoured tradition Alan. I could probably agree with a great deal of what you and Clive believe in, if it wasn't served up, wrapped in such a thick layer of pomposity... It struck me that on this particular forum, that you spend your many hours preaching to the converted, perhaps it's time someone questioned that. Most people probably can't be bothered, and have already made up their minds about your particular blend of belittling your opponents and playing to the balcony... So just on this particular subject I feel I should speak up for those that have the temerity to disagree with you... I don't have time to fence with you on the hundreds of other threads you contribute to as I have a life and a job....


Politics is about choices. Mainly, choices about how to spend public money. Many residents are comparing the spending of their taxes on something like this at a time of significant cuts and can think of better ways to spend it.

Sometimes residents' income bracket makes them immune to considerations of careful spending. However, some ordinary people I speak to say simply, it's a waste of money.

Clives' motivation in this debate is highly suspect

No, I'm a Member of the Opposition that has a duty to critique, scrutinise and hold to account.

the pair of you can't answer honestly

Shem, I think you're disregarding the wide interest and reporting of the spending of that much public money on the identity rebranding: including The Independent; The London Evening Standard, local radio and several local papers.

The questioning of this logo is by more than just a couple of curmudgeons that you imply (trying to minimise and belittle those who dare to criticise, is a tactic sadly often used by Haringey).

The description of the logo as childish seems to be fairly consistent:

Below is a photo taken today by an ordinary resident of the sign outside the Muswell Hill branch of Giraffe.

Giraffe is a children's restaurant and the logo is obviously designed to appeal to children. Would you accept that there's a similarity in style, if not approach?

So you are associating the logo with children Clive? I actually think it is rather adult and is just following fashion. It's actually your (shit)storm in a teacup that's becoming childish.

One thing I would say. I find the move away from Heraldry a pity. All boroughs are actually constituents of London. But hardly any logos actually reflect that.

Another comparison from me to bore you. All Berlin boroughs have similar 'shields' (logos) which with addition of the bear, show their connection to the city.  https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_der_Wappen_in_Berlin#Wappen_der... Perhaps the way forward is to have a standardised London logo together with the borough's name, which might bring some kind of feeling of belonging together - One City?

I think there must be a bit of a mistake Stephen. The one for Spandau doesn't include Tony Hadley or either of the Kemp brothers




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