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New brand identity strategy for Haringey

"I am in"


Haringey Councillor
Liberal Democrat Party


update to mark the 'soft launch' (click to enlarge):—

The £20,000 film, The Haringey Story

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I can't find the article online but from what you are saying Clive, this is now becoming surreal. The London Borough of Haringey is an administrative unit run by an elected  Council. As such it  has local government responsibilities, statutory duties and is democratically accountable. It has to manage very serious business like child protection, adult social care, enforcement and many other things not so glitzy as being an attitude.  So what exactly is Joe Goldberg saying?  He is in the Cabinet, running a Council so how can he and his colleagues  how can they dissociate themselves from what they do?  Haringey is not a marketing agency, it is a local government body and the Council's signs, stationery and other symbols should reflect that. 

Zena Brabazon

I've had a quick look at the borough logos on this page (scroll down a bit)
5 use the term Council
9 Royal or London Borough of
4 (including now Haringey) just the word London
The rest just use the name of the borough
No consistent approach as far as I can see.
I've always disliked the use of the word "Council" when boroughs describe themselves. The council is the elected body and can change. The borough is a geographical place which remains fairly constant. Either use Borough or nothing at all.

Good morning Zena,

I agree with the points you make about the Council continuing to be responsible for discharging serious functions of Local Government: rather than some kind of joky funky, start-up company. The logo lacks any gravitas.

The E-version of yesterday's Broadway is now available online here. 

However I've created a two-page pdf (below) of pages 4 and 24 that deal with our identity rebrand.

Some points to note:

  • The H&H strap-line refers to "[a] long design and consultation process". While there may have been a long internal consultation, there has not been long – or any – public consultation.
  • A resident (Mr. Karl Aussia) – who works for city branding specialist Evolve – has offered to undertake a new rebranding of Haringey for free (presumably he thinks the design could be improved).
  • The Council (apparently) claims it consulted residents "before creating the rebranding design" – I'm not convinced the Council has claimed that, but there has been a great deal of bluster associated with the "soft launch"
  • The letter of my Highgate Councillor colleague Liz Morris is at the bottom left of page 24, She makes the point that many of us have: the poor timing.
  • An opinion column appears on the right side of p.24: it's penned by the Council's cabinet member for economic development and social inclusion. Inter alia, he writes: 

For too many people who see the word “Haringey” they think of little else than the council. This simply has to change. Haringey must mean more than the council that governs a geographical area.

As Marcus Garvey said, “with confidence you have won before you have started”. 

  • The main letter on page 24 is about Haringey's cuts to services to the elderly. I can think of a way the elderly could have had at least £86,000 more spent on their services, if the Council had chosen.


Thanks for the link to the H&H Broadway page, Clive.

And also for introducing me to the phrase "Potemkin village" - a fake portable settlement supposedly built to impress the Russian empress.

Best of all was Cllr Joe Goldberg's masterpiece of vacuity in his "Opinion" column. 365 words; 52 lines.  A polished line for each week. One precious word to be savoured each day of the year.

It even includes half a quote from Marcus Garvey. And a phrase ripped completely out of context from an address by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. But I don't want to spoil anyone's pleasure in reading this for themselves.

Ha,ha,ha... Clive, people can say what they like about politicians, but they really are stubborn aren't they. Ham and High are not your friends, (see previous post). No wonder journalists, politicians & estate agents are considered the least trustworthy people in society. There's no telling you is there? You wild and crazy maverick you....

I take it Shem, Ham & High are descended from Shem, Ham & Japheth of the antediluvian Law era ?  If their da, Noah, had proposed a slick re-branding exercise, that Flood would never have happened. "The Ark is an Attitude," saith the last of the Patriarchs. 

Extensive history of the many trials and travails of the various composite areas of central and east Haringey (i.e Tottenham) have undergone over the centuries at British-History.ac.uk

No one is saying go back to old nostalgic past, but missed opportunities in a time of real scarcity is not understandable.

Here attached are three boroughs' coats of arms for reference....


I am out again.

In out. In out. Then you start to shout.
Pogo-ing with JoeGo
Admiring the new logo
That's what the Borough's all about

BELOW is a statement from the Leader of the Opposition
about the Council's recent rebranding exercise
and circulated seven days ago:

MY response to these minutes is that the Council is a tax-funded service, not a brand. We are not IBM or Kelloggs trying to market our wares, we are a service.

The Council provides essential services like rubbish collection, road maintenance, and over-seeing of a sufficiency of school places. It also provides, by common consent, social services for the young and the old, and most people are happy that a proportion of their Council Taxes are spent on these social caring issues.

The Council needs to look dignified, professional and competent, and looks ridiculous if it is reduced to pandering its wares. It implies no confidence in their offer to their residents. The logo is puerile, unprofessional and likely to make Haringey a laughing-stock. Quite apart from the use of Labour red and the fact that 'Council' no longer features - as if they are ashamed of being the Council. My thought is that it has been conceived as a sales-pitch for developers, but dismally fails, both on that count, and as a visual identity that can reassure residents that their concerns will be competently addressed.

Cllr Gail Engert
Liberal Democrat Muswell Hill ward
Leader of the Opposition
Very good to know you all got your stories straight over at opposition headquarters and are singing from the same hymn sheet, Gail sounds as outraged as you Clive, (it must be that clean air you all breath up there) Christ, those Lib-Dem meetings most be a bundle of laughs, you and Gail taking it in turns to try and think of a better adjective to damn the new logo. But I have a problem. Now the term 'Puerile' has been adopted to describe the 'logo that shall never be acknowledged'. Please tell me what the hell was wrong with 'childish' I was just getting used to that and then you've gone and changed your minds? I know you told me politics was about choices Clive, when you so kindly explained how about just how tough being a councillor was. But now I really don't know which word is official opposition policy when talking about 'satan's' logo... Please make up your minds. You could confuse a simple council taxpayer.

I wonder, Shem, do you always respond by insulting other people?  Sometimes a supercilious pose may be a bit amusing - like Brian Sewell perhaps. But then he had style and wit. But why not occasionally try engaging with other people's arguments as well?

I frequently disagree with Clive Carter. But sometimes what he says is thought provoking - and can be accurate and helpful.

Gail Engert's comment makes some fair points. Though it lacks a clear statement that spending a shrinking budget on a new logo is not a priority at a time when this Council is cutting vital front-line services.

It amuses me Alan, and frankly, that's the main thing... If it amuses anyone else then that is a bonus, and most importantly if it doesn't amuse you, then I've made my point. I'm glad to hear that you and Clive are not joined at the hip as I was beginning to think of you as a North London version of Statler and Waldorf, the two moaning puppets on the muppet show. Not sure what Gail is yet, as she is obviously far too sensible to debase herself by joining in on this bear-pit of a discussion, I like her already.



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