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New brand identity strategy for Haringey

"I am in"


Haringey Councillor
Liberal Democrat Party


update to mark the 'soft launch' (click to enlarge):—

The £20,000 film, The Haringey Story

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Today I spotted two people wearing the pin badges, in a café close to River Park House (not one I normally frequent).  The red certainly draws the attention but unless one has followed your helpful posts on HoL nothing further would register because the lettering is unreadable.  I assume the poor ****** infantry in the Council staff must now wear these things (24/7?) to prove that they are "in".

I assume these were issued at 0900 yesterday.  Vistaprint? (other pin badge suppliers are presumably available). 


Heather, those pin badges (number unknown) cost a total of £2,489.

Which seems quite a lot, though unlike you, I haven't seen one yet. Perhaps the cost includes gold- or silver-plating.

Fortunately as a Councillor, I will not be required to wear one: I regard this as a privilege of Membership of the Council. If I'm invited to wear one, I'll inform them where they can stick it. It may prove interesting to see which, if any, ranks are not IN.

What a waste of tax money.

Well, there are 2782 directly employed staff and I imagine a large number of staff in organisations like Haringay Housing (or whatever it's called) so unless the price of silver has plummeted I think a non-precious metal is involved.

Michael we don't know how many staff are to be issued with this (above). However, I have assumed that it won't be of the order of two or three thousand. I could be wrong of course (there is no evidence of gold plating in the above image, so guess you're right about a non-precious metal).

I wonder if the wearing of the badge is to be made a condition of employment.

Haringey London is not just a place. It's got rattitude and flattitude.  (Photo by Martin Ball on Twitter)

Mr Martin Ball, resident of Tottenham, is to be congratulated by Haringey for his persistence in drawing the attention of the Council and its contractors to this minor health hazard and major revulsion.

It has been almost a fortnight since he received a reference number for this site: there is other rubbish piled up nearby. Sadly, the slow rat removal is a symptom of inadequate resources going into 'Environment', a department that could well do with a transfer of resources from the significantly overfunded department.

I suspect one or two at the Council may find Mr Ball an irritation for keeping alive the issue of the dead rat: in my opinion, he is fine servant of the public interest. I hope the Council will consider a letter of thanks and commendation for his steadfast pursuit of a cleaner Borough, for the benefit of us all.

Also platitude.

John, for bringing this useful epithet to my attention, you have my genuine gratitude.

Yes, John. But don't expect verisimilitude as the Dear Leader and her fawning multitudes spin the platitudes to distract us from their ineptitude.

 " Labour loyalists may feel they have to defend the new Logo despite their personal feelings."

Prime example of the hypocrisy of Labour politics in Haringey.

Remember the Labour councillors' votes against the recommendations of their own scrutiny committee on cuts to services ?

John, are you in?

Yes, a bit of your taxes are in for the £20,000 logo promo film:

It's here.

It's intended to enthuse you. Are you enthused yet?

That's £222.22 per second.

I've got to say I do genuinely like the new logo and i think it was time for a bit of a rebrand. The old look was a bit stale.

Saying that it's probably a terrible thing if you're hoping to get on the housing ladder because it looks like the old Islington MP knows exactly how to stick a rocket up the housing market and help make an area fashionable and bring new money in.

I think crux of the matter is about gentrification. Are-you-In ?



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