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My Vaillant boiler is 14 years old and on its last legs. I am getting a quote from British Gas for a replacement boiler and installation. I am worried that even though they are advertising a sale/reduced boiler prices they may be overpriced, but I also don't want to use an installer who disappears if there are any problems. Please can anyone suggest what questions I should ask and give me a ballpark figure of what I should expect to pay? And if anyone else has done this recently and have anyone they recommend that would be great to for a second quote.

Many thanks!

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I had mine done 8 years ago by Russell Black. Very happy with their work. I think the bill came to about £ 1000.

I’ve replaced mine for a vaillant one (they are a little more expensive) in total I paid 2k. The big shocker is how small my gas bill was afterwards. I would say it almost halved.

Valiant are pretty good and has been mentioned. New boilers are way more efficient. I have used A and P Gas for many years and found them straightforward and good to work with. Two grand is in the ballpark... 

We had a new boiler put in about 5 years ago by CG Gas who used to have a shop on Green Lanes. They were great and had been servicing our old boiler for years. They are not in GL any more but I think they are still in business. We paid £1,800 (inc vat), they had to move/change some pipes so I think that meant it took a bit longer than usual.

Our gas bills also halved with the new boiler and the central heating and the water flow/heat is so much better and more consistent.

CG Gas is now A&P Gas- new contact details here -- 


They took out an old system with header and hot water tanks and installed a combination boiler, and thermostatic valves throughout. A job well done by them.

I had mine done last year, replaced with a Valiant by

A&P Gas Contractors 02083662236/02083662714.

Not only were they very swift courteous and clean they came in £1000 cheaper than any of the other quotes. Cannot recommend them enough.

Thank you for all the great info.  I will get a quote from BG as this is already book and I have also booked A&P.  Will report back

My mum recently went with a Worcester Bosch on the recommendation of Which and is happy with it. 

British Gas will charge £3000 approx ( plus fitting) for a boiler you can buy of the Internet for around £800.  I had a Vailant Ecotec combi boiler fitted in 2009, good as gold.  Try and buy one that's more than you need for the size of your abode, and get it serviced every year by a registered Gas engineer.

Although BG are expensive I would just add that they do a very thorough job - they did my boiler a few years ago and there was a lot of making good to do as the old one was so much bigger - re-bricking parts of the outer wall, drilling and sealing new holes for ventilation pipes, replastering large areas of internal wall, taking apart and re-making fitted kitchen units - they did all of it very efficiently (whereas if I had gone with a boiler fitter I would have had to get a separate builder in to do all of this)

I have now received quotes from A&P and BG.  Both very pleasant and no hard-sell.  Both said all was fine with my current set-up so it is pretty much a straight swap.  BG said it would take a day A&P just over half a day.  Both quotes were for Vaillant combi-boilers (slightly different models), magnetic filter, make good and remove old boiler etc.  This also includes a Salus control from A&P or a Hive from British Gas.  A&P comes in at just over £2,100 and BG £2,600.  I am very tempted to go with A&P due to the huge amount of references here and I think it might be a slightly better boiler.  Oh, and it would be nice to be £500 better off.  Does anyone have experience of the Salus control?

I went with A & P in the end - it came to just over £2600 by the time I was done. I added a Hive and then the dreaded VAT. Two guys were here installing and it went really smooth. They started promptly at 8 and were done by 1pm. They were very professional and polite and my cupboard was cleaner after they were done than before. So I am adding my recommendation to the list above. I am also thrilled with the new boiler. The house is warmer and the shower more powerful as it is heating the water much faster.



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