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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Harringay-born, Berlin resident Stephen Hartley shared some pictures on Facebook today showing new Piccadilly Line trains. Stepehn tells me that they were built in Vienna by a company called Stadler and are on their way to Wegberg-Widenrath in Germany for testing. 

I assume this means that they'll be in operation at some point his year. 

Wikipedia tells us that the trains will be the first deep-line tubes trains to have aircon! About time too! I can't see any mention of them being wifi enabled, which seems like a shame, but apparently they will be suitabel for dricerless operation, if that's ever brought in.

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Carriages look good -  I am not at all keen on driverless trains or the end of ticket staff, mind you.

Trouble is they will get stopped at customs in Dover and TfL won't have enough cash to import them...

For anyone who's interested, Stadler Rail are a Swiss company based in Bussnang, Canton Thurgau:




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